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LeaC, where's your pic? You uploading a new you? ;)


Yep bronnyd, just uploaded a new me! My previous pic was about 4 years old and looked a bit like a corporate shot. This one was taken just before I started my first W30 on Jan 1, 2015. Believe it or not, it's a better photo than what I think I would take now (even though I've lost a few kg's since), hence the 2nd round W30! Thanks for joining the thread bronny.....


Hi guys!


 it's been near impossible for me to lose any weight around the midsection (as is common with IR). I'm just excited to re-train my brain!


As a wine/beer and cheese addict, I know it's going to be rough (mainly on the cheese part), but I know it's all for the better.



Hey jskhd/Jess, I'm with you on the wine/cheese addiction issues and the difficulty in losing the fat around my mid-section! I don't know whether it was early menopause that encouraged fat accumulation there or my poor lifestyle choices? I can tell you though that on my first W30 I DID notice midsection fat/bloat loss. I just think this time around I need to do some exercise and tone up - I did very little exercise 1st time. FYI, you can use nutritional yeast to create a cheesey flavour to some of your food, but it will never be like adding real cheese, so I learnt to just forget about cheese - there's a reason it's not included in Whole30!


I wrestle quite a bit with anxiety and depression and have a definite sugar addiction.  Thankfully I have a really great counselor and super supportive husband.  But I am so tired of feeling like I'm on a rollercoaster with emotions and sugar cravings every single day.  After trying lots of different things, I feel confident that the Whole 30 is the best path for me to kick this stuff in the butt and really thrive.


I had planned to do another Whole 30 for the month of March and I knew it would be much easier and way more fun to do it with some other people.  I was so excited to see this thread!  I would love your encouragement and support, and will gladly do what I can to  help you all feel encouraged toward your individual goals as well.


Dana, as others have said, you're in good company here and by the way, you have a lovely smile! :D It may be forced, it may be real, but it suits you!


I and my wife are beginning W30 on March 1 as well. I realized that my icon and screen name all include W30 band substances :) Looking forward to this journey with you all. Also, am I the only guy that posts on forums like this?


Hey SamWheat - having an ironic username and icon adds a bit of spice to this thread! Yes, I too noticed the lack of male posts on these forums, but maybe you're more of a social media person that your wife?! I know my hubby (also doing this W30) would never join the forum/thread, so I just read him people's comments - all good!


One day to go guys!

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kimsfocus, I'm new to forums also (the W30 ones are my first)! I think it's just an opportunity to share what's on your W30 mind, see what other people have to say, ask for support, gain support, put a smile on your face! Step 4 is "Build your Support Network" - this is what you're doing! Checking in every day is optional and will depend on how much time you have but you'll find you become addicted to this thread... ;)

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Recently in #10 of the bi-weekly Wholesome email, they talked about 'Food on the Fly' and in particular a W30 Emergency Kit by Barefoot Provisions (for $45). This contained:


3 complete mini-meals

3 protein-only options

3 healthy fat options

3 veggie options


The idea of which was, if you find yourself in a position where 'proper' compliant food is not available, and leaves you either having to skip a meal or makes you consider eating non compliant food, these 'processed' food options are a great backup.


Of course living in Australia, I couldn't purchase the kit, in particular the jerky. So I went on a quest to create my own kit, covering off the above 4 options.


If you're living in Australia, maybe this will help you...




These were the only compliant products I could find...


Complete mini-meal - Combination of the below

Fruit only snack option (not to be eaten on its own) - FRUIT WISE 100% FRUIT - Ingredients: Dehydrated apple & apricot

Protein-only option - TRAVEL LITE TUCKER - Ingredients: King Island Prime Beef Jerk, Celtic & Rock Sea Salts

Healthy fat option - Nuts!

Veggie option - ORGANIC PREMIUM SEASONED LAVER (SEAWEED) Ingredients: Organic Laver, Organic Canola Oil, Sea Salt.

Veggie & Healthy Fat Option - FLATS (Zucchini & Almond) Ingredients: Zucchini, Almonds, Linseed, Water, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Thyme, Salt, Spices.

Note: I thought the SOMBA BITE (Fig & Wild Citrus) was compliant, but contains: Organic Figs, Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Macadamias, Organic Pea Protein :angry:, Organic Coconut, Lemon Myrtle Blend, Orance Juice Powder, Kakadu Plum, Rosemary Extract, Himilayan Salt (just one pesky non-compliant ingredient)... 


Total cost for 3 mini meals, 3 veggie options, 3 protein only options, 3 fat only options - approx A$38.00.


I'll post about this on the 'Sourcing food in Australia' thread


If you're in another country, maybe you could create your own emergency kit? Lot's of luck everyone..... xx

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hey everybody!  i'm starting march 1st, is anyone with me??


I'm with you AshleySauce and everyone who has committed to the March 1st, 2015 start date......


I read the book and registered for the forum a few months ago; but stopped short of actually starting a Whole30.

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Laurasuzanne,  I worry too that I might be overeating.  Mostly fruit.  I live in Florida, and it's strawberry season!  Plus, good fruit and vegetable stands are everywhere.  As an ex-no carber, I'm enjoying the freedom of eating fruit.  Maybe a little too much.  Anyone have a comment on the subject?  From what I ready, as long as the food in compliant, there really is no limit.  But fruit does have a lot of natural sugar.  I have a friend at work who is Paleo all the way, and he eats all the time.  The weight just keeps falling off of him.


Shout out to sunshinestate24:  I too live in Florida.

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Hi All,


I am also starting tomorrow :) I am excited and concerned. I know it will do me good, as I had to do an elimination diet before (I have EDS 3 and IBS) and I felt better. I am most worried about dairy, as it is part of my staple diet :(


My goals are:


NUTRITION: Keep a visual food diary for 30 days

SLEEP: Sleep 7.5 hours every night

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Meditate 10min every day

EXERCISE: Run, walk, ride or swim every day for 30min

ACTIVE RECOVERY: Pilates once a week and foam roller massage every day

INJURY REHAB: Follow my mobility and strength training plan every day

FUN AND PLAY: Have 10 dates with my husband and 10 dates with my friends

PERSONAL GROWTH: Read Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now" in the next 30 days

TEMPERANCE: Stay away from checking Facebook and Gmail on my phone


Good luck to us all :)

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Hi All,


I am also starting tomorrow :) I am excited and concerned. I know it will do me good, as I had to do an elimination diet before (I have EDS 3 and IBS) and I felt better. I am most worried about dairy, as it is part of my staple diet :(


Hi my Aussie friend leila75, great to meet you! Wow, I didn't know anything about EDS until you mentioned it so of course Wikipedia brought me up to speed....


Can I ask how diet plays a part in treating/controlling EDS? And how did you come about wanting to do a Whole30?


Your plan sounds solid, I'll be here for you! :)

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leaC - thank you for the compliment.  That was very kind.


I'm working on a preliminary assessment of where I'm at now - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally - so that I can easily compare it with Day 15 and Day 30. 


I downloaded this for goal-setting:


Are there other pre-evaluation tools that anyone has found helpful?




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I'm starting March 1 also!


I completed a Whole45 November of last year. I felt awesome and empowered. Then I went a little nuts over the holidays. Tried to do another Whole30 in January, but failed after only 15 days. I think the 2nd time around I wasn't as prepared and I went in thinking it would be easy breezy. This time I am going for a Whole60. 


I have learned so much doing this program...and still have so much more to learn! I'm so ready to feel better again!  :D

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Leila, that's a great list of goals!  The only worry I'd have for you is that there's so many of them!  ;)  Maybe you could change one or two to provide a bit more flexibility, such as the walk, run, swim every day to saying 4-6x/week.  Then if something comes up and you can't fit that in, you're still on track for your goals.


Most people find W30 to be time consuming, at least initially.  More food prep, more label reading, even spending time here for support...all take time.  With everything else you've planned for the month, such as 20 play dates, you might find yourself more stressed trying to fit it all in!  So just be easy with yourself and don't try to do everything all the time. ;)

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Hi Everyone;  I did a whole30 from Dec 31 - Jan 29, then slowly started back on "regular" eating with the intention of staying 90% on the plan, but I keep falling off, so I need to make it official to give myself that extra incentive.  I'll also start my second whole 30 with all of you on March 1.  I found the first 30 easier than expected; I have not touched the sugar bowl since Dec 30, and still drink my coffee black which is like a miracle for me.  This is the first plan I've found that really and truly did reduce my joint pain from arthritis - and huge - I would say 90%.  That gives me hope for an active upcoming summer...woohoo!!   :D


KellyJo;  I see you are are a horse nut; me too.  That's my biggest reason for wanting to get rid of joint pain - to be able to ride without misery.

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Hi! I'm starting March 1st with my husband. This will be our 2nd attempt, the first one we tried was last summer (both of us slipped up - mine around day 18). Since then I've tended to eat mostly paleo, but have a strong sweet tooth and have eaten pretty much whatever I wanted in terms of sweets. After dinner eating is the hardest for me! I have 4 young kids too and don't plan to rid the pantry of non-compliant items for them. (hello expensive and mine would go hungry!) I"m physically active with running and working out and wonder if I wasn't getting enough of something the last time around. It will be challenging, but I think getting involved and supported with the forum will help me this time around. And I am looking forward to that phenomenal feeling of being in sync with food and my body again (after the initial transition). Good luck all!

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Good morning,


thanks :) it will be good to do this in a group!


For me the journey has started, March 1 is here :)


Cinagain, I aim my goals high, but fon't beat myself up. Most of them brlong to my yearly plan, so it is a routine I am already used to.


Leanne, gastro issues are common in people with EDS, unfortunately Whole30 will prob only help with the gastro issues, not EDS - but if it makes me feel better, that is a big step in the right direction :) The healthier I am and the more energy and focus I have, the easier the other issues become to tackle :)


What are your goals? Where about in Sydney are you? I'm down South in the Southern Highlands. Cheerio, Leila

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Hi my name is Joy and I live in the UK. I am a midwife and have 3 children Marcus aged 19 and twins Piers and Lydia aged 10. Marcus has autism and Piers has autism/ADHD. I enjoy running lifting weights and dancing, my daughter and I have a dance show in 5 weeks.

I successfully completed a whole 45 and have never felt healthier. Since then I have attempted a whole 30 twice and failed around day 18. My main problem with whole 30 is what to eat for breakfast I struggle with hot food in the morning.

My reasons for doing this are mainly health I have fibromyalgia, gastritis, plantar fasciitis, temporomandibular joint disorder, daily headaches, depression and a benign brain tumour. I have recently gained weight and don't like what I see in the mirror at all, this has affected my self confidence. I am looking forward to the dance show but dreading how I will look in the photos and dvd. I haven't told my husband I am doing a whole 30 as he is not supportive.

I am expecting major withdrawal symptoms as my diet has been shocking for the past 3 weeks. Looking forward to getting to know you all and hoping to get and give support.

My life is extremely busy as well as the children, work and exercise we also have a crazy 17 week old german shepherd who has turned our life upside down, he is worse than having a baby but very much loved. Glad to be a part of this group.

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Hello all. I'm happy to join the group as well. I started my 2nd W30 in the middle of February, made it it day 8 and cheated due to very upsetting news of the death of a family member. Have been off since but have made my weeks menu and am ready to get going again. The 8 days I did had me feeling wonderful. No headaches and loads of energy and less aches so am excited to get started again. Glad your all here.

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Hello everyone and fellow Brit joybedford!

I spent yesterday preparing after a big shop. I made Tahini Dressing and Tomato Sauce from Well Fed and Roasted Bell Peppers from Nom Nom Paleo. This morning I will make some mayo. I feel very well prepared and my OH is so supportive.

Good Luck everyone!

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HAPPY DAY 1 everyone! :wub:


I haven't had a chance to catch up on the posts, but look forward to doing so later.


Thought I'd best post my Day 1 update before I head off to bed.


Stupidly hubby and I had our 'last supper' last night - Chinese food & red wine.....very dehydrating and I should have know better! Didn't sleep at all well!


I had grand ideas of doing a huge cook up today, in preparation for the working week ahead. Things didn't go exactly according to plan, but we did eat compliantly - our menu for the day was:



Coconut coffee, 2 eggs fried in mac nut oil, Chopped tomato & artichoke hearts & pinenuts fried in mac nut oil,Bacon



Coconut coffee, 2 pork sausages, 1 beef burger patty & mayo, Shredded carrots & Life in a Jar (fermented red cabbage, carrots & fennel) + chopped cashews, Sicilian Olives


Exercise: Mowed the front lawn (very hot)!!! 37c/98f

Apple Iced Tea

Coconut Water



Sparkling water with lime juice, Pork belly, Baked mushrooms stuffed with mayo & nutritional yeast & bacon, Potato & sweet potato  baked in duck fat, Broccoli with sesame oil & sesame seeds, fruit salad, Cocoa Chili Tea


I have a slight headache this evening but I think it was mowing in that heat that did it. My face was red as a beetroot! I made sure I had plenty of fluids during and after - the coconut water was a life saver!


Hubby is missing his regular coffee (skim milk & 2 tspns of Xylitol). He said he's fine with the food, but is really missing having a decent coffee. Our coffee is just black coffee with coconut milk - Mmmmmmm...... :wacko:


Good luck to everyone, hope Day 1 goes smoothly for you!

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Leanne, gastro issues are common in people with EDS, unfortunately Whole30 will prob only help with the gastro issues, not EDS - but if it makes me feel better, that is a big step in the right direction :) The healthier I am and the more energy and focus I have, the easier the other issues become to tackle :)
What are your goals? Where about in Sydney are you? I'm down South in the Southern Highlands. Cheerio, Leila


Hey Leila, I live in North West Sydney (Hills District). My goals are to continue to change my bad food/drink habits, lose more 'fat', and put an end to my aches and pains (I especially suffer from a stiff and swolen knee, an old netball injury). I've had 2 knee reconstructions (the last was many years ago) but my knee continues to give me problems.


 Glad to be a part of this group.

Joybedford, wow! You certainly have a crazy hectic life, I'm glad you joined this thread where you will find plenty of support.


Love to everyone - Leanne xx

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Good morning- I've decided to do another whole30 as I've not felt like myself the past few moths, I've gained weight, feel fatigued, and find excuses to not workout (very unlike me). Some would say I have the "winter blues," however I did a whole30 last February and felt amazing. I notice when I eat clean I'm so much more happy, energetic, and overall feel good about myself. So I'm ready to make a change!

M1: sweet potato hash- sweet potato, green pepper, kale, onion, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, and topped with 2 poached eggs. Black coffee and a banana

This Whole30 I want to focus on the whole9 factors. I've made a few goals using the worksheet. I want to share them to keep me accountable

Nutrition: I will eat my meals slowly, i.e., resting fork/spoon between bites.

I will cook 1 new meal/wk

Exercise: I will strength train 2-3 days/wk and run/bike 2-3 days/wk (total workouts 4-6)

Active Recovery- I will stretch daily for at least 10 minutes

Personal growth- I will complete 4 Chapters in my Health Coach certification book.

By March 30th, I will set a date to take my health coach certification exam.

I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's progress and feeling inspired from everyone in this group. Stay positive, we can do this!

What's on your meal plan for today?

I'm planning on making chocolate chili (my absolute favorite chili) to have for lunches this week and for M3- baked chicken with roasted veggies for dinner.

In good health,


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