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So, I need this again.  Now.  Desperately.  My wake up call was on Tuesday morning at my annual OB/GYN... 28 lbs gained since last year and a stern warning that if my husband and I are planning to get pregnant within the next year, I need to lose that weight and additional 15 lbs for a healthy pregnancy. 


I am 29, with a busy career and my husband, 31,  works full-time and is going part-time for his Master's in Social Work.  We've been married for 5 years, bought a house 7 months ago, and have only just started looking ahead at what the future holds for us, including children. My doctor practically read my mind, as we were planning on starting to try later this year.  And I know that the best thing I can do right now is to get into a healthy body AND a healthy mind - and I believe that another Whole 30 is a great way to start this new journey.  This can no longer be just for me, I can no longer be selfish.  This is bigger and better than just me.  And what a great reason to commit to a long-term healthy change?  No more excuses, no more tomorrow's... this needs to start TODAY.


Today, though, will not be perfect, but it will be Whole 30.  I decided this morning to commit to this while looking in the mirror, and will be cleaning out my pantry and going food shopping tonight.  My meals and snacks will be an eclectic mix of compliant foods I have on hand (breakfast is a "compliant" smoothie, but should be real food - I know this but decided that was better than the pop tarts my hubby ate...), but will normalize as the week progresses.  This post is a "I need to start NOW" decision, and will be updated throughout the day.  :)


Starting stats:

2nd Whole 20

192 lbs





Upper arm:


Day 1



Green smoothie: 2 cups kale, 1 banana, half an apple, handful frozen blueberries.

1/4 cup almonds



Black tea








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Way to go. It will definitely help you to have healthy eating practices before you get pregnant and have a baby! And in general it's always a good time to take charge of your health.

You probably want to check out/study/live the template. Template is the key to the whole 30. Print it out and tape a copy on your fridge, at work, wherever you eat. (You probably know that a green smoothie, while the ingredients are "compliant," isn't considered part of a w30.) You want meat, veg, fat.

Template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

If you really want to give yourself a good change to healthy eating I highly suggest reading It Starts With Food. Get the Kindle version and read a bit at a time. It helps to understand the WHY instead of thinking of the w30 as a list of foods to avoid.

Arm yourself with the right info and foods and you can do this!

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Thank you for the reply!! This is my second Whole 30, I have the book (and have read it 3 times now?), and know the template by heart.  I am excited to really work towards a healthy, whole life, and not just a 30 day eating clean challenge.


I do know the smoothie is not "real food" and therefore not in the true spirit, but it is what I had on hand after I looked myself in the mirror and decided that I did not want to wait one more day, did not want to have one more excuse to start.  I need this today.

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