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Valentine's Dinner..Help picking out a meal


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I am going on a pre-valentine dinner tonight and need help picking out a meal what will be compliant. This restaurant seems to have very healthy and good options, but still want to be safe.I am not picky with food, I can pretty much eat anything, except raw fish.  Here is the link to the menu. 



I have also attached the PDF file. 


Any help appreciated!! 


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Call the restuarant and discuss your needs. Ask about the oils they cook in to ensure you have an option that is dairy and soy-free. If you plan to order a salad either as an entree or a side, ask if you can get pure olive oil (MANY restuarants cut their olive oil with canola or other cheaper oils) and vinegar to dress it with OR bring a small bottle of your own dressing. Ask if the meat is marinaded and, if so, what goes into the marinade. If the marinade is non-compliant, ask about getting a piece of meat sans marinade. Also ask about ingredients in rubs and finishing sauces especially for steak. It's common practice for restuarants to throw a pat of butter on top of a hot steak or, worse, throw some weird butter-like spread on top.


Some higher end resturants are good about making things "off menu" for guests with special needs. You may be able to talk to the chef and create your own Whole30 meal. Looking at the menu options, you'll pretty much have to do a good bit of leaving-off or substituting.

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