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In day 25 of our first Whole 30 and have seen no improvements

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My husband and I are coming to the end of our first Whole 30 and we have yet to see any results... We feel completely normal... like we did before cutting out dairy, grains, sugar and everything else. We don't have more energy, my skin didn't clear up, I'm not sleeping any better. I believe this program can work and I see that it has for others I'm just slightly frustrated that we haven't seen any improvements. We definitely didn't have a perfect diet before so I was expecting to see something come out of this I guess... We have followed the plan pretty strictly.  


And since we haven't seen any improvements I'm wondering if we really need to still slowly reintroduce certain foods after day 30? In my mind those foods obviously weren't negatively effecting us if we feel exactly the same, right?  

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Hi Brittney,


While it is always possible that you will start to feel better before the end of the program, I might recommend that you post a few days worth of food, fluids, stress, sleep and any other factor that might be important and we can see if there is something that stands out (autoimmune conditions?).


It's possible that while you haven't had tangible results yet, your bodies are still undergoing healing and rebalancing.  Let's see what you've been eating, let us know how you were eating prior to Whole30 also.  

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Before Whole 30 we were eating like this:


Typical Breakfast  - oatmeal with brown sugar and toast or cheese omelet with toast or cereal or bagels ... on the weekends we would do pancakes or homemade waffles.


Lunch - I would usually have leftovers from dinners the night before which could have consisted of pasta or rice with veggies and meat. My husband would have a sandwich with turkey lunch meat and cheese, granola bar, Lance crackers maybe an apple or grapes


Dinners - We would typically have pasta one if not two nights a week. Pretty much every dinner included a grain of some sort as a side. 


On Whole 30 we are eating


Breakfast  - Me a sweet potato (made into hash browns) topped with 2 fried eggs. My husband has a 3 egg omelet with veggies and hash browns 


Lunch - Broccoli salad or coleslaw, hard boiled egg or egg salad, some fruit and a lara bar. Maybe some nuts or leftover dinner from the night before


Dinner - They all have been different but all packed with veggies and meat. Tonights dinner is a chicken pesto spaghetti bake. I made my own pesto otherwise I followed this recipe  http://canadagirleatspaleo.com/2014/02/11/pesto-chicken-spaghetti-squash-bake-1-pan/


I use to drink coffee in the mornings but since I can't have my hazelnut creamer I haven't had coffee for the last 25 days. We both drink water throughout the day. 


I don't feel like we have high stress lives and we have a very routine bedtime. Every night at 10 we head to bed...


I hadn't been sleeping well leading up to doing the Whole 30 and I don't feel like I am sleeping any better on it. My husband seems to never have energy which we were hoping to see improvements in that but he feels the same. We haven't felt bad on the program we just haven't felt any better :( 

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I'm going to guess you need to eat a bit more. A serving of eggs when it is your only protein source is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping them. For most women that is 3-4, for most men that is 4-6. I'm a bit confused about your second meals...are you really only having a single egg for lunch sometimes or did I misread that? Aim for 3 cups of veggies (more if they are raw) at every meal before adding fruit and try to limit nuts and steer clear of larabars except for in big emergencies. Make every meal fit the template.


Personally I usually feel better and sleep better when I consume most of my starchy vegetables in the later part of my day. Your mileage may vary. How soon after you wake are you eating? Are you exercising at all? You mentioned what time you are going to bed but not when you get up.

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