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Love Letter to my Starbucks Chai Tea Latte


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My dearest Starbucks Chai Tea Latte,


I have started this love letter a million times in my head however my hands hesitate to type the words. 


You may be wondering why I would write you a love letter after I abruptly called off our serious relationship at the beginning of the month.  The truth is I miss you.  I think about you every morning on my way to work and how warm and comforting you felt in my hand.  I think about your perfectly balanced spices and how the aroma always brought a smile to my lips.  I think about how well you blended in at work among the special order coffees (not just any tea can do this).  Yes, I think of you often and with fondness.


This is the part were you might be expecting the line "it's not you, it's me".  I have discovered it is both you AND me.  We both know you are full of sugar and dairy. This is not something you have ever hid from me and I had accepted these traits with an open mind and heart.  It is also no secret that I dread mornings and crave comfort to soften the arrival of a new work day. It would seem we are a match made in heaven. I admit, I have loved our time together.  However, a relationship built on the foundation of poor nutrition, exhaustion and dependence is unhealthy and not made to last.  I need to be available to new patterns and morning routines.  I need to branch out to discover new things, may be even new teas.  Ultimately it comes down to my unwillingness to accept sugar and dairy at this time of my life.


I know in my heart you will always be there for me if I change my mind.  I also know I can depend on you to be available almost anytime, just about anywhere. I appreciate your devotion.  I will recycle the last of your cups (as I always have) and walk into the morning sun with a brave face. 


Good bye my dearest Starbucks Chai Tea Latte; good bye.



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