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I need portable and variable fuel for long long runs.  The run I'm doing tomorrow, I only pass my car/cooler every 10 miles, so need to carry enough for 1:40-2 hours.  I used to carry Perpetuum for over 50% of my calories, but in trying to stay on plan, I am going to try to not drink it tomorrow for my 50 miler.  I found a few brands of blended fruits that are just fruit, no added sugar, no added nothing.  They are portable, eat to carry and easy to eat on the run. Are these ok?  The two brands I found with nothing added are Buddy Fruits, Smuckers, and Dole (ok that is 3).  There are some brands with added stuff.  I don't plan to fuel my entire run with this, and plan to eat hard boiled eggs, chicken, sweet potatoes, nuts, and other stuff when I pass my car, but all that is simply too heavy/bulky to carry for 10 miles, so the blended fruits tuck into my shirt easily.  

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If there are no off-plan ingredients, these are fine.


Depending on what day of your Whole30 you are on, you might be surprised how much less frequently you need to take in fuel, both initially and throughout. I can run for 2 - 3 hours without needing any additional calories. Once your system becomes fat adapted, you won't have to suck down calories every 45 minutes like in your former state!


Fruits in general aren't great fuel, they must be processed by the liver first, rather than going straight to fuel your muscles. If you are running at a true aerobic pace it might work fine for you as a part of your fueling plan.


Any foods higher in fructose can also cause some stomach issues in some people.


Fresh cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries or bananas are a few of the better fruit choices as they are lower in fructose.


Have a good run!!

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Regina, I like the plan to mix the foods and have the fruits as a backup, look forward to hearing how it goes! I've tried the pureed fruit on long runs. The texture was off-putting and it was terribly unsatisfying mentally and physically. Not to mention expensive, however it sounds like you aren't fueling on those alone. But that's just me, hope it works for you!


I've found that while my body can go longer without refueling, my mind can't. I lose focus, start stumbling over rocks and roots, start staring at the Garmin and longing to be done. Those are brain-related problems. A carb refuel fixes that in about 10 minutes, and I only need it once every 60-75 mins late in a run. Just something that I personally need to keep an eye on. Maybe something like the Buddy Fruits would help me for that? I don't seem to have an up/down carb-hit-then-crash effect if I mix in normal foods -- potato, etc -- but I did when I used only gels as fuel. I was happy to fix that problem!


I have 40 miles this weekend, and I plan to try more potato this time. My last long run nutrition test failed (non-Whole30 food so not mentioning!).


Another personal note -- soft poached eggs are easier on my run tummy than hard boiled. Hard boiled seems harder to digest and and I get sulfur-y farts. :ph34r: Although the trees and squirrels don't seem to mind! LOL!! See what works for you. 


Good luck this weekend!! Let us know how it goes  :)


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