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45-yr old stay-at-home dad started Feb 1

Mike C_NY

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Hi everyone,


I feel like I've been reading the book forever - maybe 9 months.  My wife and I had twin boys born last summer so I guess I have an excuse. :)


I started Feb 1 since I missed starting in January.


I was used to having pizza anytime, 2 beers a day, take-out 4-5 times a week (in Queens, NY, we do have many "good" restaurants - Thai, Chinese-American, real Chinese, Korean, etc), DD breakfast sandwich, etc.


Having twins and not being healthy quickly makes you realize things had to change. 


I'm happy to say I'm at Day 13 and surviving.  I feel better but am getting tired of all the cooking.  Take out was "easy".


We also have a 9-yr old daughter.  I'm surviving making her meals and not eating them.  Tonight was pizza night, etc.  She does eat many of the meals I make for myself but not all.


I'm going to have my first test eating out this Sunday and hope to find menu items to comply. 


I use the Nom Nom Paleo site a lot and google for recipes.


Look forward to meeting others :)


Mike C.

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Thanks :)


I haven't been on the forum looking but I'm happy to say I lost 20 pounds!  I finished my Whole30 yesterday. 


I haven't decided what to do next so I'm just going to keep going.  I'm a slow decision maker :)


I need to reread the chapters talking about what next steps to take to re-introduce foods to see effects.


Thanks everyone :)

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