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Day 1 and an "awkward bathroom moment"


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I would like to start my post off by saying there are sometimes situations in life that we feel completely unprepared for. I have deemed these times “awkward bathroom moments.†Last semester I not only walked in on a girl using the restroom but SLAMMED the door into her head in the process. I can still remember the look she gave me while I was fumbling for my words. I left that day thinking, what was I to say? “Oh I'm sorry miss.†Or maybe, “Next time you should really lock your door. But good thing your head isn't bleeding THAT bad…†Since then, the name stuck. And needless to say, this weekend classified as and “awkward bathroom moment.†Family came in. My feathers were ruffled. Start day was moved to today instead of Saturday. Forgive me? Thank you.

Overall I am pleased with how I feel. I'm a little tired and weak but some of that is because I also started my student teaching journey. Was so nervous I could barely keep the water down, let alone food. My stomach also gets very bloated when I become nervous. Probably to my advantage though because instead of salivating over the Jolly Rancher bag on my mentor teacher's desk, I was focused on breathing in my dress pants. I do feel a headache in the works. May be start of detox or just the aftermath of middle school sass. Will have an official diagnosis in the next few days.



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