2 wks in-Needing less food?

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I tried searching this topic with no results so if previous discussed, please direct me.


I am 2 wks into my 1st whole 30, it is going very well.  I find myself needing less food which I am listening to my body & eating less.  I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?  Maybe my body is just adjusting to the process.  I made TERRIBLE choices before whole 30, eating out 5 nights/wk fast food & lots of sugar.


I love whole 30 & suprised how easily I have transitioned.  Thankful for this site & all of you...very inspiring!

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You might need less food. Or your body's signals about hunger and satiety still may be a little off. Or you could have hit the food boredom phase that most of us go through at some point, where we just have trouble eating because nothing sounds good, and sometimes we mistake that for meaning we're not really hungry.


Are you still eating at least the minimum amounts on the meal template -- at least one palm-sized serving of protein, at least one thumb-sized serving of fat, and 1-3 cups of vegetables at each meal, three meals a day? That is the minimum amount you need to eat each day.


If you're not sure if you're eating enough, I'd recommend listing what you are eating for a couple of days, including approximate amounts, and if it looks like you're not eating enough, or you're eating more fruit than is recommended, or anything like that, we could let you know so you can tweak the amounts and make sure you get the most out of your Whole30 experience.

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