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Chelsea and John's Whole30


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Start date: 2/16/2015


I want to keep track of how I feel throughout the Whole30, so I figured I'd keep a log here. Easy peasy.


To start out, I'll list things that I'm hoping will improve on this plan:


- Acne

- Lose weight

- Dry skin

- Stiffness in joints

- Pain in joints & in general

- Excess sweating

- Gastrointestinal distress

- Relationship with food

- Defeat the sugar dragon (working at a bakery doesn't help!)

- Hormonal imbalances/depression (?)

- Body image


I'm also hoping my husband finds success. He has Crohn's disease, but hasn't had a big flare-up in a while, so I'm hoping the process of gut-healing doesn't discourage him. Also, we think he has eczema or psoriasis... hoping that clears up some, too.


I'll post weight and measurements tomorrow!



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So far, I've made a bunch of roasted veggies, 3 breakfast casseroles, 5 Aidel's chicken sausage, salsa chicken is in the crockpot, and a pound of ground beef. I'm roasting 2 chickens tomorrow and making homemade stock with the carcasses. Also have avocadoes, pistachios, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and going to make hard boiled eggs tomorrow as well.


I'm in upstate South Carolina, so I'm really hoping this bad weather we're going to get doesn't knock out our electricity... for multiple reasons!!!

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Well, I accidently deleted everything I had written... 


ATE: lots of food... I have a picture I'm trying to attach/load


FEEL: Pretty good. Had the munchies, but wasn't really hungry. Learning to listen to my body. :) Got a headache around 2, so I took a nap. Also sort of gassy after lunch. Maybe my body is working out the crap I've been eating? Or was it something I ate at lunch?


Day # 1 complete!!!

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Obviously, I'm bad at updating at the end of every day... so I'll try to remember most of what's happened so far.


Just finished day 11. I'm getting bored with the monotony of my food. Gotta switch it up some more. Eating so many eggs!!!! They're just so quick and easy. I've been out a lot in the evenings this week with rehearsals, so quick and easy was/is key. Hoping that next week, I can make some recipes to break up the repetition. 


OOH! Got the Pederson's (or whatever the brand is) bacon! So stinking good! Love it!


I'm so close to quitting, to be honest. I've brought it up several times to John. Thankfully, we're keeping each other accountable and haven't quit. One day, I wanted Chick-fil-A soooo bad. It doesn't help that we live within walking distance to almost any restaurant you can think of. The weeks/months leading up to this Whole30, we were eating out pretty much every meal. So bad for us and such a money waster. It's easy to stop at the fast food drive through and pick up dinner when you're getting home at 9:45/10:00 from rehearsals. *sigh* Hopefully, this will help. So far, not so much. I'm so discouraged. I'm cranky, prone to crying, and just generally blah. Of course, I did have my period this week, so that may be part of that. I guess the only way to know is to keep on truckin'.

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Days 10 and 11 are typically when most people quit, according to the timeline: http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/ -- hang in there, it gets better. And be sure you're having at least one serving of some kind of starchy veggies each day, like potato, sweet potato, winter squash, or root vegetables. Many people find that helps with their mood.

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The timeline has been so helpful! I was determined to not be "a statistic", so to speak. Got through day 12! :)


Oh, and I'm loving sweet potatoes. I've never been a fan before this. I just dice and roast them all at once and then reheat them when needed. I made a hash sort of thing today for lunch (and last night for dinner) with sweet potatoes, those chicken apple sausages, a greens mix, some onion with over-medium eggs on top. So good. :) I totally eat sweet potatoes every day.


Thanks for the advice, Shannon!

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