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When 70-80% Paleo just isn't enough, i have some serious healing to do!


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I've been educating myself on Paleo diet and lifestyle for quiet some time, and even though I am getting better, I still have a lot of problems that I think only a program like the whole30 can help me eliminate. I need to rebalance my hormones and take back control of my body and my habits.

I find it difficult to stick to something for longer than 2 weeks, so this tracking log is going to be an essential tool for me! No more sweets made using approved ingredients, late night snacks and lazy planning. This is a list of my personal goals:


I want to go to bed without my stomach feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

I want to wake up full of energy and not need coffee to was me up

I want to be able to maintain focus for a good amount of time without being distracted or losing interest.

I want to feel motivated and happy and more interested in life, to be more creative

I want to look great without much effort and fit into all my clothes easily

I want to be constantly improving my fitness and smash goals at the gym

I want to never have stomach aches again

I want my skin to be clear, not dry and my psoriasis to disappear.

I also train about 2-3 times a week crossfit and HIIT and need to speed up my recovery and learn to rest effectively.
My partner is not really keen on doing this with me, but he is supportive enough. So this is mostly a solo journey..
Going for blood test tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some numbers to work with soon. Wish me luck! looking forward to feeling great again!
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I am in the same boat.  I can make it through breakfast and lunch no problem and then I still allow myself a glass of wine at night and then often follow up with bad food choices.   I sit at a desk most of the day, spend hours on the computer and go from feeling active open and energetic to closed, tired, achy and hunched- I just want to climb on the couch and numb)


I also cheat here and there when the kids are here( I have them 50/50) and they are not into a carb and sugar free diet at this time. 


I am going to try again at lent.  I have a plan for my new relaxation ritual for evenings to replace the wine and carbs,


My goals are very similar


I need to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure- get off the meds

Increase my energy

Increase my creativity ( I set up my craft/art room and plan to sign up for art classes)

To get to the gym.  I have a favorite yoga class but it does not start till 7:15.  I have also started the couch to 5 k and never make it past the 6 week mark.

Fit into old clothes.  My doctor would be happy if I lose 10 lbs.  I would like to lose 15-20.

Stick to my goals - i am also trying to practice mindfulness and have other career goals that I have not yet achieved.

Cut out the coffee- I am having issues with stress and hold it all in my shoulders- I also clench my jaws.  I notice that this reduces when i switch to green tea, but like the wine I think it's more the ritual.I am fearful I wont stick to it again and give myself permission to cheat.

Let me know how you make out



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hi Anewme,

so nice to get a response to my post. I am curious about your relaxation ritual, are you doing yoga or meditation or something else? I think thats what I need to replace my watching tv and snacking in the evenings. I also spend a lot of time in front of the screen and sit at a desk..

great to be sharing this on here and its so helpful to be sharing this journey. 


I am stating today (Monday).

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I am doing several things

I have been wanting to get back into arts and crafts ( drawing and scrap booking)

I picked up a book on zentangles and plan to draw a tile to relax instead of turning on the tv

It's a small drawing so it seems doable- I don't have to be good at it and I may do some journaling as well -just thought it might be fun to follow my growth creatively over a 30 day period

I have also been checking out mindful meditation... Just look up you tube or down load an ap- there are lots of guided meditations.

I found one on eating mindfully by Jon zinn.

I belong to a gym as well and would like to attend yoga - but it's not till 7:15 and in this weather have had a hard time motivating to go out

I do plan to exercise though/ just earlier after work I am also thinking of getting s Fitbit

Are you creative? Is there something you have been inspired to do?


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oh i just looked up zentangles, what a great way to practice free creative flow and keep your mind of things. I will join you on that and do some myself. Thanks for the inspiration. 

I have also started mindful meditation but I find it hard to discipline myself to do it regularly. but I'm trying :)


I attend 2 personal training sessions a week, and I love exercise, but because of my health lately, its bee taking me very long to recover and sometimes the fatigue is so strong I can't do anything at all, even around the house. Its like a roller coaster of high to very low energy and motivation..  I know doing the whole30 will fix this along with learning to relax and increasing my quality of sleep.


If you have an iPhone 5s theres an app called Breeze, you should check it out :) http://breezeapp.commy fiancé has it and he loves how easy it is to track your activity level throughout the day. :)


Yes, I am creative. I draw and paint and I am a graphic designer with my own small business.


So what day of the whole30 are you at? I am on day 3 and the hardest thing is not eating treats and something sweet after dinner. What dare you finding most challenging about it so far?

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I started today for lent. There is a large group starting today... You might want to join them as well. I am going to the ash wedneday service tonight. Daytime is not hard when I am at work... It's evenings and when my kids are with me ( I have them 50%).

I too get very tired during the day...I wake at night and have difficulty getting back to sleep

Artistically I grew up in a family of artists, got a degree in apparel design and then a masters in clinical psychology with an emphasis in art therapy.

I have not drawn or painted in 20 yrs but have been wanting to for a while now so I am hoping the zen tangles might help bridge the gaps a well as learning a new technique to de-stress

I signed up for the emails on the whole 9- I hope they will also be motivating


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