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Planning for Success / Post-Whole30

Jesse B.

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I'm into my third week of my Whole30 and looking toward the finish line with a little trepidation...

I've had the most amazing mind & body transformation over the last few weeks and now, as the end looms in sight, I begin to ask myself some questions.

What diet structure am I going to follow after my Whole30?

Will I reintroduce those old foods back into my diet?

Am I going to rebound back to my pear-shaped, sugar-loving old-self?

I'm thinking - that overall, I will maintain the Paleo lifestyle.

I will have an occasional glass of wine.

I will allow occasional natural sugars in my diet, such as honey or molasses (but mostly for cooking).

I will allow myself to share some cake when it's someone's birthday at work.

I will let myself have a little cheat every now and then, like some dark chocolate or a Jamaica Blue cafe latte on the weekend.

However, my primary diet will be plants and animals.

I think this is manageable, doable... enjoyable.

8 days to go.

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I'm glad so many people are in agreement with my plan. It makes me feel more confident about taking it on after my Whole30.

I've just joined a Paleo meetup group in Melbourne... and the next "get-together" they have, I'm going to go!

I was also thinking, on the drive home from work this evening, my Hen's night is coming up. There's a restaurant in Melbourne that I'd really like to try out that caters for the Paleo lifestyle. It's called 'Palate', located in Prahran. In fact, I believe it's the only Paleo friendly restaurant in this city. I'm going to start my Hen's night with a lovely group dinner there.

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