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Crazy Emotions!?


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I'm on Day 25 of my Whole30 and day 3 of my period... and my emotions are out of control!

As additional background - I have yet to notice the 'magic' with the Whole30... I think mainly because I have a lot going on health wise. However these emotions are a totally new thing, and I'd appreciate any words from anyone else who may have had something similar!

I just start crying, uncontrollably... I used to get pretty bad PMS, and am always a little weepy at movies / the news etc during my period... but this is much stronger than that. I will literally feel it coming on and there is nothing I can do .. I started crying at my son's school, the neighbors house... my body just doesn't seem to care about where I am ! :( ... I even cried yesterday (over nothing) in front of my son, who looked so confused... I felt terrible!

I've also noticed I have a lot of anxiety - which is what I am sort of thinking the crying is about .. just my body releasing the pent up anxiety?

Does anyone know if there is any food that could help even this out? or even why this might be happening!


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I am on day 23 and, when I first read this, thought that I hadn't experienced this at all! Then I remembered actually a few tears rolling down my cheeks earlier TODAY. Duhh.

I think it is a big change and emotionally it can take a big toll on the psyche. You'll be all better soon! Also- Magnesium. I can't stress this enough. It is so important for mental well being. Even in a paleo diet it is difficult to get enough magnesium. Get some of the topically absorbed stuff from Ancient Minerals. It saved my life.

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WholeHearted -

The first cycle on a Whole30 can be a very strange experience. There are soooo many changes going on in your body - especially hormonally - that it's normal for things to be out of whack. Plus, you mentioned other health issues - that's a heavy combination. Rest, relax, maybe eat an extra sweet potato or two. Things will level out for you.

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Thank YOU!

I'm glad to hear the first cycle can be a strange experience for others :)

I do take magnesium.. but honestly I haven't noticed a huge difference 'emotionally' with it. I keep taking it though, as I think it may be helping with my sleep a little.

Thanks again... always nice to hear from others :wub:

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This is purely anecdotal, but carbohydrates can raise the serotonin levels in the brain elevating your mood and making you feel good. Whenever I lower my carbs too far, I get really irritable, extremely sensitive crying over the smallest things, and just basically "out of sorts".

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Me too! I was super emotional for no reason the day my period started (5 days into the Whole 30). I'm usually fine with it and only know it's coming because it's been the right number of days. My boyfriend actually tucked me into bed at 10pm because I was being so ridiculous (he deserves a treat). But I got up after an hour because I developed a headache and couldn't sleep and was really angry with the Whole30 for making me sob and making my gluten rash come back for no reason and so I just wanted to trash the whole thing, and paleo too, and eat a cookie.

I felt a little better about the whole thing the next morning when I emptied my Lunette and it was super full (I'm always very light because I'm on BC pills). Something is definitely wonky with my hormones right now. Kind of glad about it because for a while I've suspected mine aren't quite balanced right. And if that's what my body will need to do every month in order to clear out all the artificial hormones, I guess I'm ok with it (um... under the caveat that it not last more than 24 hours).

The only real change in my diet has been to cut out sugar (I was mostly using honey, with a little palm and molasses) and dairy. I've been paleo since the spring and haven't been watching my carbs other than cutting out the honey/etc (I definitely fried a banana in ghee and salt the other day...), but I'm still really hoping it's the sugar and not the dairy. I have a date with a bowl of sausage, cream cheese, and tomato dip after this.

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I think all too often as women we keep a tight lid on our emotions perhaps the process of spending a month really focusing on you and your health, or longer if you need, has unearthed some surprssed tears, it's ok to let them go. Maybe try some meditation or journaling to see where that leads you? Change and growth, even when it's for the best, can be a very scary and emotional thing but pushing through and facing it is worth it.


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