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bulletproof coffee pre-WO?


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I train with a PT twice a week in the morning around 8am and I am wondering if BP coffee is the best thing to have pre-workout?. Its an intense workout and I try to have my PB coffee at least an hour before it. If I have it right before the workout it actually makes me perform worse.. I think the coffee wakes me up and the fat & MCT oil keeps my energy up for longer.


I've been on a mission to switch my body into keto mode and I feel like I'm there most of the time now. 
On normal mornings before work it helps my concentration and alertness and just gets me going. I've been drinking it daily for about 2-3months now and I love it! And I'm not hungry or tired all morning either.


Having said that, I do get a bit lightheaded and very winded and I am wondering if its the caffeine or the fact that I'm essentially working out on an empty stomach..


Should I switch to eggs and veg in the morning as what most 'athletes' on the forum seem to eat pre workout..? 

I'm only on day 4 of Whole30 by the way. Looking to get more out of my performance, heal some gut issues and improve energy levels.



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While whole30 and keto aren't an impossible combination, ketogenic eating is not something we actively encourage, especially for someone on their first whole30 and especially if you are not in peak physical condition and health already. I would recommend doing a regular whole30 first, before trying to add things or tweak things. A regular whole30 recommends some fat and protein (a small portion, not a full-meal size) pre-workout. The classic choice is a hardboiled egg, but you could have other things (like a handful of nuts or some left-over fatty meat). Post workout have lean protein (like chicken breast) and, if you wish, add some starch veg. After all that is when you have your first template meal of the day. Here is the template:http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


All that said. Depending on when you wake up and how your digestion works, you could totally have meal #1 and hour or more before PT then the egg (or not, if you don't need it) then post-workout afterwards. Try both options and see what feels better for you.

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Thanks missmary, 

I will definitely take on your advice and do some eggs for a while before the workout and see how that effects my performance and digestion. 


I do a crossfit style workout, so its pretty intense with a lot of mobility and free play movements.

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