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Office lunch on Day 3


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Hi Whole30ers! I'm on Day 2 of my first Whole30 (so far so good) but I have a challenge coming up tomorrow (Day 3). My office is heading out to lunch for a coworker's birthday, and if I don't go I will be the only one sitting out, so I'd like to attend but I also don't want to go and sit there drinking water while everyone else is having lunch. We're going to a local pizza place restaurant so I don't know what options I have, if any. I saw a crab salad on their menu that's described as:

Real jumbo lump crab meat, red & yellow roasted peppers & cherry tomatoes on a bed of spring mix

tossed in olive oil & fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Would this work? Is there any other options I might have? Has anyone else navigated this kind of situation successfully?

Thanks :)

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