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Watching and Learning...


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So my wife started the Whole 30 on Wednesday (officially), but one lesson I have already learned so far is the importance of planning, planning, planning.  I am attempting to be very supportive for her in everything, but slowly witnessing the lack of planning sometimes has impacted as well.


Tonight is an excellent example of the need to Plan...


She did not consider dinner in advance and when she realized at ~7:45 tonight that we had not eaten or started dinner, what was planned required a ton of pre-cooking of vegetables and she did not realize this fact.  Thus requiring change to the menu.


While I am not saying I could have been better, it is all about learning lessons and this one clearly shows the importance of planning and having complete understanding of anyone involved.


The replacement was a roasted Chicken of some sort.  But as for sides I have no idea will learn in about 30 minutes when the Chicken is done.

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Perhaps if you are witnessing the degree of planning required vs the degree of planning your wife is doing, you could step in and kindly help her do some prep? For sure prep is a significant part of a successful Whole30....so is support of friends and family. ;)

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