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Hi there I am Amanda, I am on day 4 and i am happy yet exhausted and have headaches and a dry mouth.


I am a new mom with a 6 month old and am nursing. I want to shed my last 5 lb of baby weight but also want more energy and to feel great. I have been having trouble with gas/internal digestion since my baby was born and my main reason for doing this was because of that.  I am also learning how to un-do diets and eat intuitively so not counting calories is great for me...even though i notice i am getting all caught up in 'am i eating too many carbs'.

thats me! I like to lift weights and do HIIT training and I love music and my baby!


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Welcome Amanda,


Congratulations on doing the program.  This is a great program especially I like the part where we don't have worry about counting calories, and just eat healthy food.  I am looking forward to reading your post when you start to notice changes with your energy and how you feel overall.  


You are doing great!  




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