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Starting Whole30 Monday, Advice?


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So I will be delving into the Whole30 starting Monday. I have trudged through Costco picking up organic meats, eggs, assorted veggies, and avocado oil. I also got what seems to be a lifetime tub of coconut oil. Tomorrow I will be going to Trader Joes to pick up more veggies that I do not need in bulk size. I even picked up a new lunch bag for work and plenty of Tupper wear. I feel prepared, but I am sure there are things I am not thinking of.  


If anyone has any advice, please share! I want to be as successful as possible. 

-Anything to prepare for

-Recipes to start with

-ways to deal with withdrawal of everything delicious


My husband is very supportive but not willing to partake fully. I do all the cooking, so he is stuck with what I make. I am sure that he will continue eating fast food for lunch, having beer with dinner and having chocolate for desert. I think I will be fine, but chocolate may have to be banned from the house for the duration. 


My main goal to feel healthier, an added bonus would be to lose a few pounds... or 10.. or 15. For months, or maybe longer, I have had very low energy. I used to love hiking with my dog and going out with friends. Now it seems like such a chore. I want to get back to the old me, and I hope the whole30 is a step to getting me there. 


Thanks for any advice. 


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