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Bonus Benefit - SKINNY JEANS!


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Today is day 21 for me.  I have to share that days 18 - 20 have been really rough.  OK, that description is far too rosy.  I have been a wild, hungry GRIZZLY bear who was rudely woken from hibernation only to find out that my honey has been stolen.  Someone must pay a terrible price... heads are going to roll!  (This should be in all caps, however I believe it would be too distracting to read it that way) 


Sure I am starting to feel some of the benefits of eating healthy foods (better sleep, my skin is beginning to clear up and I am able to focus at work and home) but I haven't been feeling "happy" and I certainly don't bounce out of bed in the morning singing The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music.  I have been reading success stories of people who are both currently on the journey and have completed the Whole 30.  I am both inspired and feeling left behind.  This adds fuel to my grizzly demeanor. 


This morning as I was getting dressed I noticed my skinny jeans.  You know - the jeans purchased as a splurge and worn when you were feeling AMAZING and had a really great time in.  The same jeans that you simply can't give to the consignment store or your favorite charity.  These jeans have somehow become a part of you (much the same way as vacation pictures of past adventures). So, there they were; my skinny jeans.  We stared at each other (yes, now they have their own persona) for several looong minutes.  I declared out loud to the jeans "OH What the Hell; Why Not?"  I grabbed the jeans and jerked them off the shelf, ready for battle. 

One foot down to the bottom - "hump" I snorted. 


Second foot down to the bottomed of the pants without great resistance- "Well the hard part is yet to come", I announced to the jeans.


Up over the hips - "WHAT????" I was now confused


Now, the true test: the dreaded ZIPPER! I don't know about you, but I have gotten past this part before using universal tricks such as the Mega Suck in your Gut or the popular Lay on the Bed or even the trick of just wear them on my body for a few minutes until they 'relax' a bit then try to fight the zipper.


Here goes: 1, 2, 3 (close my eyes) and the faint sound of the zipper engaging is heard. 


HOLY GUACAMOLE! And other exclamations that are not appropriate for my young sons to hear. And another thing - no crazy overlapping muffin top.  I ran to the mirror to make sure there is not a giant rip down the backside allowing my overflow to well, flow.  It appears I am in my skinny jeans without them feeling like compression pants. 


Speechless.  Wonder. A feeling of "happiness"!


You can keep my honey.  This grizzly bear is going shopping for veggies in my SKINNY JEANS! BOOYAH!





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