Wondering if I should start over


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I'm on Day 9.


I just read this article http://whole30.com/2011/12/you-get-what-you-pay-for/ and I realize I am doing myself a disservice. I have been eating too much fruit. <_< I just seem to have such a voracious appetite for carbs lately!


I wonder if I should just say, 'screw it', have a glass of wine and start over tomorrow. (Or March 1st...) I like to do my best or start over - that is how I always practiced the piano - if I made a mistake, I didn't just correct it and keep on going, I would start over and do the whole thing right. :unsure:


If I started over, I think I would be more dedicated. I was serious about starting this time, but I let myself slip into too much snacking, etc. I have learned from this attempt, and might be more successful (even though I haven't broken the W30, I feel that every time I eat a box of raisins or 1/2 a banana I am cheating, somehow.


What would you do?

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You don't have to start over, you actually haven't done anything to warrant a start over, by the rules, anyway.  You have over 2/3 of your Whole30 left to go, that is plenty of time to make a change towards less fruit, no snacking or however you feel you need to tweak it.  It is a learning program and you have clearly learned something about yourself.


I would not recommend going off the Whole30 for a glass of wine and I suspect that this is your sugar or booze dragon trying to get you to fail.  (check the timeline linked below...Day 10 is a typical "quitting day" for a lot of people).


Stay strong, ditch the fruits, eat large enough meals to keep you going 4-5 hours and see what else you can learn about yourself!


Sorry...you wanted me to tell you to go for the wine, didn't you?   ;)

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