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hi guys! I am 18 and a senior in high school. I am really interested and starting this diet, I just have one question I haven't found the answer to yet! Do portion sizes matter in the whole 30 for 30? or can you eat as much as youd like as long as you stay committed to the approved foods?

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The idea is to use your hands as portion sizes. But you are not limited to these.  So if you are hungry (not bored - hungry) then eat.


So you would 1 to 2 palm sized (that's 3 dimension palm sized) portion of protein.  The only exception to this is eggs.  Eggs should be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand.  For most people this is 3 to 4.  

1 to 2 thumbs of fat

2 - 3 cups of vegetables with every meal. 

1 - 2 fruits/day


I hope this helps!

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