My W30 Log of yummy meals and great progress

Amy S

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Hey there~  This is my attempt at a log here!  I am starting my Whole30 today, after reading It Starts With Food last week.  I am very excited!  I think of myself as a healthy eater yet I will admit that I like to tweak any plan I've tried.  Maybe the curse of too much knowledge?  I have pulled what I like out of other plans, and naturally, they do not work as they were intended.  I am in this 100% now!  I am even willing to give up sugarless gum, which I have chewed daily since I was probably 12!


Day 1, Meal 1


3 eggs (bonus~one was a double yolker), fried in coconut oil, on a bed of steamed kale, and scallions, sliced tomato, half an avacado, cilantro on top, and half of a banana, and half of an orange.  :D


More later!

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You did it. ;)

It's much easier to give up everything at once than when you try to give up some things. Don't be afraid of fat, especially in the early days. It'll help you adjust to eating three template meals per day versus eating more smaller meals and snacks.

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