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My Dog ate my Ghee (Humor)


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No, really, he did. 


My wonderful 85 pound furbeast grabbed a NEW container of Ghee (less than a week old!), chewed the lid open, and proceeded to enjoy himself. Or so I surmise, since I only found the empty jar, cracked lid, and the label on the floor.  He knew it was bad, but just couldn't help himself...


There have been no GI issues, although he does report that he thinks his coat is shinier and he has "Wolf Blood" (no tiger blood for obvious reasons) and sleeps better




And the transformation begins..... Beware the Dog who consumes Ghee, much like a Mogwai fed after midnight, I almost do not recognize my once beloved Furbeast.



He is refusing peanut butter, scoffed at the milk bones, and asked for local raised beef from the farm up the road.

He was reading ISWF the other day

And I caught him trying to throw away my husband's energy drinks....



When will the madness stop?




PS- I did get another jar of Ghee, but have safely tucked it out of the counter surfing paw reach of the furbeast......












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Lol!  Reminds me of my mom's dog who found an empty mayo jar and licked it clean!


Same dog loves my butter chicken.  

The rule is at her house, the dog is allowed to lick the plates.

So I gave him the plate that was left from my butter chicken dish. It was quite saucy.  I was expecting him not to like it because it was spicy.  But like it he did.  Not only did he lick the plate clean, but came back to lick it 3 more times "just to be sure" he got everything.  Unfortunately his face was quite orange after the experience (he's a little white Shih-Tzu/Maltese/Terrier)

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