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There was a thread awhile back (2012) that had people listing their Top 10 Whole30 foods that they could not do without.  I found it fun to read and thought maybe there are a whole lot of new people that might want to inspire us all with their list of the top 10 foods you'd bring to your Whole30 Island!  It's harder to pick just ten than you think!


For me:


  • ground pork
  • olives 
  • lard
  • green beans
  • eggs
  • japanese sweet potatoes
  • kombucha
  • bone broth
  • avocado
  • chicken thighs

**seasonings are implied, don't waste precious space!

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Leafy greens (is that cheating?  I had kale and spinach separately, but ran out of items...)


LOL, I had olives and olive oil....but I took the oil off...because presumably I can press my own oil out of the olives.  Had to save space in my list!  LOL.  Also, I think seasonings should be implied, I'll change the first post.

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compliant sausage from my local butcher







Oh dear, I'm definitely in a "not very enthused with food right now" frame of mind.  I can't think of 10! :(  Can we set up a W30 commune?  Wouldn't that be cool? All W3 food, all the time, let people take turns fixing their favorite meals.  Think of the variety!

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(I'm assuming these islands have full kitchens)


Bone in/skin on chicken thighs - can get bone broth from this eventually

Grass fed ground beef

Pastured Eggs




Sweet potatoes

Bubbies Pickles

Canned salmon

Sugar Free Bacon

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Holy crap, this really IS hard!



Sweet potato

Salad greens

Avocado oil


Whole chicken (meat for snacking and bones for broth!)








Had to give up my sardines and arrowroot in favor of salad. Need me some fresh greens.



I feel like the next step is to take this list and try to make a meal plan using only these foods. :P

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whole Chickens

Duck fat - Hmmmmmm duck fat how I love thee

Sweet Potatoes



Baby Spinach


Ground Meat




Can I make arrangements to trade for olives & coffee?

Absolutely there is going to have to be trading!!!  I'll trade share olives if you share your mayo.  And I'm pretty sure kirkor is up for sharing his coffee if you have something suitable to trade!  ;)

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I didn't include coffee because it would be my island so I wouldn't be on any one else's schedule.  If I got tired, I'd just take a nap :D


Tired or is just lovely. I included it because I could enjoy it for whatever reason I wanted. :D

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I have just started Whole30, but am so enjoying my meals!  (I know, I am in the newbie, excited phase)


roasted chicken with lemons


bell peppers

monkey salad



balsamic vinegar

sweet potatoes


eggs (poached)


And I have a list of new foods to try!  

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Interesting game.  Let's see, what would I have?  





Chicken (whole)


Coconut (I can learn to make coconut milk and coconut oil, right?)
Leafy greens (stealing someone else's idea for how to combine items, because I need kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and beet greens)
Carrots (I'm tempted to just say root vegetables to get beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and jicama)
Almonds (I already make my own almond butter, so I know how to get two for one from this)
Onions (or leeks, or shallots, or just the whole allium famiily)
If I had more space, I would add eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, beets, grapes, berries, melon, bananas, peaches, nectarines, pears, and a host of others.  
ThyPeace, darn, now I'm craving nectarines and there's a snowstorm outside.
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