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There was a thread awhile back (2012) that had people listing their Top 10 Whole30 foods that they could not do without.  I found it fun to read and thought maybe there are a whole lot of new people that might want to inspire us all with their list of the top 10 foods you'd bring to your Whole30 Island!  It's harder to pick just ten than you think!


For me:


  • ground pork
  • olives 
  • lard
  • green beans
  • eggs
  • japanese sweet potatoes
  • kombucha
  • bone broth
  • avocado
  • chicken thighs

**seasonings are implied, don't waste precious space!

This just popped up for me, and I had a different take on the list than I've had in the past. I used to think literally in terms of what foods I'd take. But my fridge went on the blink this week, just as I got back from a trip away for the holiday. So I came back needing to shop, and found that I had no way to safely store my usual bulk-cooked Whole30 foods. I didn't realize how reliant I am on refrigeration! I can cook a week's worth of veggies and protein on a weekend day, then store it in the fridge and I'm ready for the week. If I were more of a cook, I could probably shop and cook daily, as millions of people do the world over. But WOW do I rely on my fridge!!!! Tomorrow the repair tech comes to fix it, and after that I'll cook monster amounts of stuff.


It seems like my basic list would be

1. electricity

2. appliances that run on said electricity

3. other stuff


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1) Coconut (in ALL of its glorious forms - I'm NOT going to count them separately: milk, butter, oil, aminos, flakes, etc.)

2) Eggs

3) Cabbage

4) Ghee

5) Squash (ALL kinds - another double-up, like coconut!)

6) Avocado

7) Chicken

8) Baby spinach

9) Tomatoes (so I can make all kinds of sauces)

10) EVOO


Hmm...four different kinds of fat.  What are MY priorities!?




-Lauren (GGG)

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

My husband and I seem to almost be doing this... 


1. sweet potatoes

2. ghee

3. broccoli

4. beef

5. coconut (I'm using the same logic as others here - this is oil, aminos, butter)

6. brussel sprouts

7. mayo

8. eggs

9. yellow and green peppers

10. spinach


Shoot - I wouldn't have coffee!  But I guess this would be a good time to try not drinking it :)

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Whole Chicken


Olive oil



Herbs and spices





It's hard! I love veg so I'd want loads of them really...sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, aubergine, courgette, peppers, squash..

I'm assuming a desert island would have a sea for fishing?

Could I have veg seeds as a choice?? ;)

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