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cheap place to buy macadamia nuts?


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Costco was selling them in my store awhile back.  


Here's the Amazon link...but these were at Costco for about $19 for the can.  


I bought them for awhile.....but found them WAY too easy to overeat.



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The best ones we've had (and the best price) are the little cans of Mauna Loa on Amazon.  The small cans actually work out cheaper per ounce than the big bags -- especially if you take advantage of Subscribe & Save.  I think the price is about the same as Walmart... where we do not go... but according to their website, they have them there.


Now, if you are looking for RAW macadamia nuts -- that is a different story.  I highly recommend nuts.com -- although they are not cheap.  They ARE fresh.  And they will refund your money if you are not happy with anything.  Great company.

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