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Day 4 and I just want to complain


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Maybe I'm just in the Kill All the Things stage (that the timeline talks about: http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/) but I just want to whine about everything, and I want a hug.

I had a stressful day at work yesterday, I think I'm not eating enough, and it's all. just. HARD.


I feel like nothing is happening. Maybe that's because it's so early, maybe it's because all of the usual signs this early on (bloating, digestive pain, tiredness) were entirely normal for me pre-Whole30. 


I'm used to just eating toast or cereal in the morning. I have egg and spinach "muffins" prepared for days when I start work at 6am, but even on normal mornings I don't want to cook when I wake up.


I spent all of yesterday either hungry(/thirsty/wanting to eat, because I've realised they all feel the same  :unsure:), or with indigestion pains. 


The silver lining here is that I've seen very clearly that my mind doesn't quite know how to react to food and my body's signals. I clearly need to learn what real hunger is again, as opposed to "this is when you usually eat" hunger, emotional cravings, or anything else for that matter. So I WILL stick to this til the end, even though all I want right now is to bake brownies to drown my sorrows

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Awww - complain away! :wub:  And - eat. It's OK. We're not about you going hungry here in Whole30land.


I suspect you're absolutely right, your body is adjusting and it's complaining at you right now.  But if you'd like some food-specific tips, feel free to post a couple of days' worth of meals here.


Eating more starchy carbs and more fat can help with the hungries, the crankies, and the cravings. Hang in there.

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