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Krista's March Madness

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Oh my has it been a looooong time since my 1st W30.  I've wanted/needed another many times since then but always had a reason why X month would not work.  There is no ideal month though is there?  So, after waffling back and forth this past few weeks I've decided to do it.  March madness here I come!


I did weigh and measure today so I can see where my starting point is.  I won't lie, I'd like to see those numbers tweak a little, the measurements most of all.  I have a pair of beloved jeans waiting in my closet for the chance to see the light of day again.  I've decided if they still don't fit comfortably after this W30 then off they go to donation!  Right now every time I see them I feel bad-which is ridiculous they are a freaking pair of jeans after all!  


What am I hoping to accomplish:

  • eliminate that dreaded three day PMS headache, I really do not like popping advil for days.
  • reduce...maybe eliminate....yikes....coffee.  I love coffee, I really really do, but lately I've been feeling more and more jittery.
  • SLEEP.  My sleep is OK but it could be improved...a lot!
  • maintain my work out schedule.

What am I most afraid of:

  • Proper Cocktail Hour, seriously that's what we call it in my neighborhood  ;) My lovely group of friends really enjoys our wine.  I've got a few PSO meetings as well this month where I will be tempted by the vino.  Giving up alcohol was the hardest part of my first W30, I won't lie, I like my drinkies!  But, unless there is some catastrophic disaster, wine will still be there in April, right?!

Today is Day Zero, to get me in the habit of tracking my food-something I did not do during my first W30-I'll start now.


M1: black coffee, three eggs scrambled with ground pork and onions.  Mango.

M2: 1/2 yam with one turkey mini meatloaf.  1/4 avocado.  More coffee, it's going to be a long day!

M3: will be out.  Husband and I are going to an auction tonight, dinner will be amazing, we both ordered the beef.  I'm 100% sure it will not be W30 compliant but equally sure it will be amazing, and hey I'm not starting my W30 until tomorrow....Oh and there will be wine!


Work out: Leg and shoulders with stairs and treadmill for the cardio.



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Official day one is underway.  The dinner last night was amazing, just as I thought it would be.  And the wine was flowing.  And flowing.  And flowing!  Ugh, I will not miss drunk sleep for the next month.  I hate how I feel when I wake up!  I was not sure how ambitious I would feel today but so far it's been ok.


M1: black coffee, three eggs, compliant bacon and a big plate of sauteed Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and asparagus

M2: (happened to be post work out) salmon with a big bowl of diced veggies and a drizzle of olive oil

M3: Yum!  Took Well Fed's carnitas recipe and used it on chicken breast, had to add a little extra fat into the pan to try to crisp it a little after I shredded the meat because well it wasn't yummy pork!  Served that on top of a roasted portabella mushroom topped with avocado with steamed broccoli and ghee.  I definitely prefer the pork in this recipe but my pork was still frozen and I had a lot of chicken to use up.  


Work out: back/biceps with bike and incline walk


Feeling: fatigued.  Totally not because of starting W30, completely because I stayed up too late and had too many glasses of wine last night!  I'm already looking forward to an early bed time.  Despite the fatigue I've managed to prep a whole bunch of veggies, including steam sauteing greens and cabbage and made a fresh batch of ghee.  Husband asked me first thing this morning if I wanted to go out for breakfast, uh no.  Then after the gym if I wanted to go get Pho soup, uh...again no.  I'm sure he **forgot** I was starting this again today!  He loves when I focus on cooking paleo but has zero interest in giving up his beloved corn tortillas or the beer.  One final test will come in a couple hours when he forgets again I'm on a W30 and asks if I want a drink before dinner.  I'm prepared though, kombucha is standing by to sub in for the booze!

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Thanks Kmlynne!


Day two begins! 


First some reflection on yesterday, it was not as hard as I thought it would be, but then hey it was only day one!  I was pleasantly surprised that my husband did not drink before dinner.  I was amused to see how hard it was for him, it is just an ingrained habit in our household to have a few drinks before dinner.  To try to appease the booze monster I gave him 1/2 of my strawberry kombucha in a wine glass.  It helped.  I was so tired last night that I went to bed before 9:00 and my watch tells me I was motionless 90% of the night, which is a huge improvement over the past week.  


Some NSV: I stayed awake during the Trail Blazer's basketball game, this is rare for me.  Normally we've had a drink, or more, and it knocks me out.  I actually watched the game with my husband and son, the husband never misses a game, I always feel guilty that I cannot stay awake.  I came down this morning to an empty sink.  So often I'll give up finishing the dishes because, see above, I've had some drinks and I...am....DONE!  Finally, instead of leaving my laundry in the dryer to deal with another day I fluffed it, folded it, and put it away before going to bed and reading with my son!   


Meal log:


Pre M1: 20 oz warm water with fresh lemon and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

M1: kale, brussels sprouts, mushrooms and onion stir fried with roast beef and scrambled with two eggs.  Black coffe

M2: spinach salad with radish, bell pepper, tomato and cucumbers topped with left over shredded chicken and mayo, little cutie

M3: Rather uninspired frankly, ground turkey with broccoli and shredded zucchini, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce over ghee sauteed red cabbage.  I think I could have eaten an entire plateful of just the ghee sauteed cabbage!  


Work out: 30 minute intervals on the treadmill.  


Feeling: irritable.  Way too early for kill all things, but man was I cranky yesterday.  I had some frustrating news from my shop, an employee has made a couple of significant errors costing us some $$ and immediately I wanted to dive headfirst into a bottle of red wine.  The association is ingrained....stress=alcohol.  Instead I brewed some mint tea and I tried to be patient with myself and others.  I **mostly** succeeded.

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Day three is half way done!


I did not sleep as well last night but I have good energy today despite that.  Yesterday was a little rough, the stress of work really tested my resolve.  Made it through unscathed, didn't even dive into a pile of compliant foods.  


Pre M1: warm water with lemon and ACV

M1: black coffee, three eggs scrambled with pesto and sauteed broccoli and kale

Post work out: salmon and 1/4 large yam, did not know if I was going to get that all down.  Switching to whole foods for the post work out protein was harder than I thought

M2: sliced chicken with raw bell peppers and radishes, two apricots and dried coconut

M3: two burger patties with roasted potatoes, steam/sauteed green beans and homemade mayo


Work out: 1 hour personal training, extra heavy focus on lunges and squats....ouch


NSV: I have to be at my son's school soon to help with our auction project, I'm not hungry yet because my Post WO meal was only a couple hours ago.  In the past I probably would not have bothered to make myself food for when I inevitably get hungry.  Today I loaded up a lunch container with all my goodies so I'm ready when my stomach is.  Doing a W30 makes me so much more mindful of taking care of myself.


M2 was way late due to corralling 5th graders to paint flowers on a vase!  But the nice thing was that even though I needed to eat I wasn't "hangry" I was just plain old hungry.  No shaky hands, no headache, no cranky Krista.  

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Hello day four, you glorious thing you!  Slept like a rock last night.  My fancy pants watch told me I was motionless 91% of the time, which is very rare for me.  Now if I can just keep that trend going....that would be miraculous indeed!  


I had my first dining out W30 challenge this morning.  My dad is pushing 80, very active and pretty healthy old dude, and he wants to see me for a meal weekly-who am I to tell him NO...  It's either breakfast or lunch, depending on my schedule.  Today was breakfast before I went to work.  I picked a place that I felt confident I could get a compliant meal, a local independent restaurant near my business.  Looked over the menu and had a little panic attack, I have eaten there many times but not during a W30.  I was surprised that there really wasn't much to choose from.  I asked the server about the house made sausage, told her I needed to know if it was sugar free.  For me, breakfast sausage does NOT need sugar!  Off she went to ask and came back frowning, they put brown sugar in their sausage  :angry: .  Settled on poached eggs, roasted potatoes and fruit.  Not the most satisfying meal.


Pre M1: warm water with lemon and ACV

M1 part 1: black coffee, one hard boiled egg and a few slices of roast beef (I knew there was no way I could wait until close to 9 to eat when I'm up at 6, I would be a mess!)

M1 part 2: two poached eggs, potatoes and fruit, more coffee...potentially too much coffee judging by my jitters, but at least it was over and done with by 9:30 am, shouldn't mess with my sleep too much!  I've been downing the water all day to try to flush it out.

M2: left over delight, roast pork loin, a small piece of chicken, 1/4 large yam, sauteed cabbage and green beans

M3: tuna cakes turned out great!  I baked them instead of trying to pan fry them which always ended up making a mess and falling apart.  Served with a green salad and thin sliced sauteed potatoes.  Husband finally broke down and had a drink, I stuck with my kombucha-in a beer glass.  Very satisfying  ;)


Work out: nope, it is my day off!  :D  I do need to spend some time on the foam roller after yesterday's crazy leg day.


Feeling: pretty good right now.  I find it easier to get things done at home and at work.  I'm not so tired in the morning.  One of my most hated chores is unloading the dishwasher in the morning.  These past few days I've had it done before breakfast is even done cooking.  It's kind of like making the bed-which I do not have to do that's hubby's job-when my sink is empty/bed is made I just feel calmer.  Got the word today that some dear friends will be coming to visit later this month, makes me a little nervous.  They'll be here before my W30 is over and these are definitely drinking friends.  I'm hoping it'll be so late in my W30 that I won't even be tempted!  I know I'll need to come back and reread my log to remind myself of how much better I feel on a W30 plan than off it!

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Ah day five, you are not quite so glorious.  I'm quite a bit more fatigued today, but still feeling very upbeat and optimistic.  I passed my first temptation test last night with flying colors, didn't even bother me that the husband was drinking and I was not.  My work out performance has not been compromised at all, if anything it's improved because I'm sleeping **a little** better-no alcohol will do that to a girl.  Fancy pants watch put me at 89% motionless last night, I really love my watch.  


Pre M1: my usual lemon/ACV/warm water 

M1/preWO: two hard boiled eggs, roast beef and mayo, black coffee x2  :unsure: probably not the best idea, sets me up to over do coffee throughout the day

PostWO: one tuna cake and a few leftover slices of sauteed potato, more coffee....see what I mean?  I go past one cup and the floodgates open!

M2: huge plate of sauteed chard and cabbage with leftover turkey/veggie/tomato slop topped with pesto mayo, two apricots and a little bit of shredded coconut **no more coffee, goooood krista**

M3: big salad loaded with veggies, kalamata olives, a boil egg and sardines.  De-Lish!


Work out: one hour personal trainer, a lot of chest work and pushing a super heavy sled around the room  :blink: Going to feel that tomorrow!


Feeling: digestion is a wee bit off, feeling a little foggy and sleepy.  Probably going to add some starchy carbs to dinner to see if that helps.  I looked at the timeline and realized I'm running about a day early so far.  I was cranky just before the traditional kill all things and I'm feeling tired right before the man I need a nap phase.  No nap.  No more caffeine.  But definitely an early bed time!  

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Day 6, more glorious than day 5 easily!  Sleep was much better, I was exhausted last night and went to bed by 9:30, was up a little before 6:00.  Still feeling upbeat and positive about the month, gym performance has not been compromised so far.  I do feel a little snacky around 4:00, but so far herbal tea has been able to keep that at bay.  It's Friday night so that means cocktails for the husband-kombucha for me.  I stocked up yesterday, still need to get a fresh batch of my own brewing.  


Pre M1: warm water with lemon

M1: 3 compliant bacon, 3 eggs with sauteed broccoli and mushrooms plus 1/2 a small yam. Ghee/coconut oil coffee-after my breakfast which is a sort of victory for me!

Pre WO: roast beef and almonds

M2/Post WO: large salad with sauteed ground pork, 1/2 yam, and 1/2 tomato

M3: shredded pork is cooking in one crock pot, pinto beans for the husband and child in the other.  They'll have tacos, I think I'll have romaine lettuce boats topped with kraut, avocado and tomato and another veggie on the side, need to see which one...


Work out: back and biceps with bike and 20 minute incline walk

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Day 7 came and went with no opportunity to update the log.  It was kind of a tough day.  I'm feeling the cumulative effects of testing the will power with the husband drinking at night.  And for some reason he cannot remember that I've already said NO to visiting the new Asian/sushi buffet that just opened.  He **forgot** that rice was a no go...so is msg...sugar....soy....etc., etc., etc., I asked him what did he think I'd eat?   A plate full of raw fish?  While I love sushi, that just does not sound appealing even to me.  


M1: fried eggs with veggies, coffee

PreWO: almonds and prosciutto

PostWO/M2: sweet potato and ground pork

M3: bison sliders with sauteed Brussels sprouts and mushrooms and steamed broccoli, roasted potatoes, mayo, pesto & kombucha


Work out: chest and biceps with rowing and elliptical


Feeling: challenged.  I do feel like there is a limit to our capacity for will power.  Yesterday was tough.  We took our son and his friend to a movie, he treated her to the tickets, she treated him to the candy  :wub:  sweet boy tried to offer me a piece of his candy and then quickly snatched his offering back when he remembered it was a no go!  Watching my husband enjoy his tequila and beer while I stick with lime bubble water or kombucha is not always easy.  The sheer amount of food preparation and storage is daunting.   I need to make a fresh batch of mayo, steam saute my kale, and cut more raw veggies up today.  I know I feel better.  I know I sleep better.  I know I'm less distracted and frazzled.  The program works, but some days it feels like a whole lot of work.


Day 8


PreM1: warm lemon water

M1: shredded pork with 3 scrambled eggs, left over broccoli, sprouts and mushrooms, coconut oil coffee

Post WO: bison slider, tuna cake, one roasted potato, apple - very odd meal and oddly timed sort of making it M2, but not a template worthy M2

M3: Roast chicken with salad and cauliflower rice.  Kombucha-in a fancy glass.

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Day 9 and I'm all over the map today.  Slept great, would have happily slept longer but breakfast duty waits for no mom-neither do hungry cats.  Drank way too much coffee today, I'd had some at home before my work out and then had lunch with girlfriends and had more-big mistake.  I was driving home and felt so irritable-to be fair the car in front of me was going about 5 miles under the speed limit  :angry:  Energy levels are good but the mood is ping ponging all over the place.  At this point, just trying to get through the day without a total freak out!


Pre M1: warm lemon water

M1: ground chicken chorizo with kale and 3 eggs, black coffee

M2: bowl of steam sauteed veggies including squash, carrots, and kale with two poached eggs.  Amazing house made salsa and way too much coffee

Snack: 1/2 pear with prosciutto wrap.  This is the first time I've felt like I needed a snack.  I think lunch did not have enough fat, avocado would have helped

M3: almond crusted chicken, avocado, steam/sauteed green beans with mushrooms, red cabbage with mayo 


Work out: 45 minutes of interval runs on the treadmill.  Was supposed to be 75 but my left knee is displeased with me, I am extremely overdue for replacing my shoes.  I was annoyed to need to stop because mentally and **mostly** physically I was feeling ready for the run.

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day 10, feeling more emotionally stable.  Left knee is very sore.  Wrapped it, the extra support helps.  


Yesterday was tough.  Husband came home to a moody me.  Poor guy, greeted with...am I boring? questions.  Just feel like there's not much time for anything beyond eating/working out/running a business/raising a kid/volunteering at school/cleaning my house-yes I know that's a lot of things!  I was just feeling like I was not a very interesting woman yesterday!  So much energy goes into those few things that not much is left for "personal development".  I'd love to take a writing class.  I'd love to spend more time downtown, go to some theater shows, maybe a museum.  But right now, my energy goes to getting the necessities done.  After a decent night sleep the cloud over my head is **mostly** dissipated.  


Pre M1: warm lemon water

M1: ground chicken chorizo, diced yam-a whole small one, it was delish-and three egg scramble, black coffee

M2: chicken breast diced with leftover mayo cabbage, celery, cucumber, green onion

M3: ground beef sliders with cabbage slaw & kraut, cauli rice, tomato, mayo, ginger kombucha


Work out: personal training, focus on shoulders, biceps


Feeling: challenged.  The weather here is amazing and I've had to turn down not one but TWO invites to mommy cocktail hour in the last three days.  I knew that would happen, it's a neighborhood staple, but it is difficult to keep saying no.  Fortunately for both I had perfectly valid reasons to decline.  I've got a party coming up Saturday where the guest of honor is a keg of Guinness.  I'm already planning on bringing kombucha and fizzy water.  I know I'll eat before I go.  And, we also won't be able to stay long because I need to get my 10 year old over to his friend's birthday party.  But it'll be the first time I have to field questions about why I'm not drinking and I am not looking forward to that part of it!


NSV: my 10 year old ASKED me to make the red cabbage/mayo slaw again last night, two nights in a row, woot!!

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But it'll be the first time I have to field questions about why I'm not drinking and I am not looking forward to that part of it!


I am going to a bourbon tasting on Saturday! I love bourbon, and this party was planned well before I decided to do the Whole30. Originally I thought I'd just sip a few bourbons anyways, because when would I ever get the chance again to try so many different ones?! But now that I've come this far into it, and I've suffered through the worst part (hopefully), I don't want to ruin my progress. So I'm just going to go, bring a bottle to donate, and sip on fizzy water (great idea!) Good luck on Saturday! I know you'll be strong and you'll be so proud of yourself when you wake up on Sunday feeling good! 

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Day 11...oh boy, what did I eat?!  This is why I should log daily!


OK, shake off the memory banks!


M1: ground chicken chorizo with kale and three eggs with black coffee

M2: burger sliders with a lot of left over veggies and the last couple roasted potatoes

M3: breakfast for dinner, ground sausage patties, two eggs, and sauteed broccoli, mushrooms, and potatoes

snack: two apricots, a tiny bit of raisins and some shredded coconut


workout: not on Wednesday, enjoyed my day off!  Did spend some time stretching and rolling on the foam roller.


Definitely felt...snackish yesterday.  Relatively good day turned into a very stressful evening-total work drama.  Sometimes it sucks to be the boss.  Got a shot of cortisol at 8:30 pm in the form of a snarky text from an employee.  I mean really?!  Who sends snarky texts to their bosses at 8:30 at night?!  A few lengthy discussions later all is smooth...for now.  You'd think having a business that is filled with only men would be drama free-not so.


NSV: my darling friend texted me for spontaneous cocktail hour, I told her no cocktail for me but I'd be happy to come over.  Brought my kombucha, and sat on the couch chatting for an hour.  While I know she thinks it is odd for me to decline a drink, she did understand the need to occasionally take a break and reset the system!



Day 12 


M1: two eggs, one beef patty, 1/2 an avocado, black coffee

M2: huge salad with hard boiled eggs and sardines, dressed in olive oil and vinegar

M3: Dining out on a W30 sucks....had an unplanned night off from kid duty, so the husband suggested we go out.  I previewed the menu, saw some things that would work, went ordered the steak-no butter-with grilled shrimp and salmon, came with roasted potatoes and "wilted greens" what the menu failed to disclose was that the wilted greens were tossed with blue cheese  :blink: Husband got a double portion.  I came home unsatisfied and had a cut up apple with almond butter and a sprinkle of coconut.  The absolute best part of my meal.


work out: with the personal trainer, a lot of chest and shoulder work, lengthy planks for added fun


Feeling: clear headed, perhaps even with a hint o'tiger blood.  I can tell I'm getting to the half way point because as expected the little voice starts to say...hey you feel so much better...do you really need to continue the full 30 days??  Must remind myself that yes, it's 30 days for a reason.  When I can get through a day when I don't think about the fact that I "can't" have a glass of wine then I'll feel like I've accomplished something significant. I'm not there yet.  I'm already starting to think about how/when/what to reintroduce.  I was not very scientific about it last time.  I feel like my body composition is responding well.  No idea if the scale shows it, but I **feel** lighter.  Still can't get into those darn jeans though.  Sigh, that might be a lost cause-and that's ok.  Because really the cut of them was never right for my long torso.  


Realized I'd had my first food dream of this round, it was about a big frothy milky latte....ironically I rarely drink lattes!

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Day 13...and Friday the 13th  :o


I'm loving the better quality of sleep I'm getting, if I could only convince my cats to sleep in, that would be stellar!  I survived a dining out experience last night, making the best choices I can make.  I know that this particular restaurant features a lot of gluten free so I have no fear of cross contamination, I feel the same today as yesterday so even though I didn't grill the server about every ingredient I feel relatively safe with the choices I made.  The food though was only so so, I feel like I would have made a better meal at home!


M1: bacon, eggs and sauteed veggies, black coffee

M2: sweet potato sauteed in coconut oil, salmon, diced cuc/tomato with olive oil and vinegar and a few kalamata olives for extra zing, avocado, black coffee

M3: ground turkey sliders with diced serrano, cilantro, and green onion-very good.  Veggies, kraut....it's been too long since I ate it to remember everything!


work out: back/biceps with some cardio thrown in for good measure.  2nd day in a row I've left the house without my post workout protein  :wacko:  not ideal, but I will not stress about it.

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I survived a dining out experience last night, making the best choices I can make.  I know that this particular restaurant features a lot of gluten free so I have no fear of cross contamination, I feel the same today as yesterday so even though I didn't grill the server about every ingredient I feel relatively safe with the choices I made. 


My new secret? Find restaurants' FB page and send them a message with the questions you have. At least 50% of the time, they answer promptly and give good info about what oils they use, whether certain foods have unlisted add-ons (cheese, spice blends), etc. I've done it twice in the past week! 

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My new secret? Find restaurants' FB page and send them a message with the questions you have. At least 50% of the time, they answer promptly and give good info about what oils they use, whether certain foods have unlisted add-ons (cheese, spice blends), etc. I've done it twice in the past week! 

Very smart!  I have another lunch planned with my friends Friday, I'll have to give that at try!

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Day 14 was really good over all.  My energy was up, my work out went well.  I managed to maneuver through a St. Patty's Day party without beer, drive my son to and from a birthday party-complete with dodging wine offers at pick up, and deal with a sick husband.


M1: beef hotdogs with eggs and kraut

M2: left over turkey sliders with an apple and sweet potato simmered together and smashed up with cinnamon

M3: complete left over creation.  Diced chicken, cauli rice, steamed carrots, threw it all together in a pan with some coconut oil and a little kalamata olives and balsamic

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Day 15 has been TOUGH!  I did not sleep last night for a variety of reasons I could spend hours complaining about...but won't.  I've fought my cravings all day.  I'm exhausted, I woke up with a headache from not sleeping, and I just want to eat and/or drink every non compliant thing in my house.


snack: banana

M1: bacon, 3 eggs and kraut, black coffee x two

snack: almonds

M2: shredded cabbage with mayo, tossed with tuna, tomato, radishes and an entire avocado-yes an ENTIRE avocado and it was gooooood!

Herbal tea x two

M3: Shredded pork, roasted asparagus, steamed broccoli and sauteed diced potato/onion 


I skipped my work out today, it was leg day, my toughest day of the week and frankly I was afraid I'd hurt myself.  I took a long bath in epsom salts and finished a book.  I've been trying really hard to stay hydrated.  At this point, I'm just trying to get through the day!  Man, not sleeping just wrecks me.  I also think that other struggle I'm having is how many times I've had to say no lately to non compliant food or drink.  It really takes a toll.  Will power does not have an infinite supply.  I get tired of facing temptation daily, and removing them from my house is not an option.  My husband and son are not W30 and have no interest in being W30 so I'm surrounded by off plan food and drink and it is hard to resist today.


I put myself to bed early!

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Day 16, starting off much better than yesterday's torture!  9.5 hours of sleep at 92% motionless-thank you fancy pants watch for keeping track of that.  I had a headache all day yesterday, which I was hoping to attribute to the lack of sleep Saturday night but it was still there when I woke today.  It's gone...for now.  One of the reasons I felt it was time to tackle another W30 is that I am prone to at least 3 straight days of headaches leading up to my period.  Which is where I am now.  Given my dreadful sleep Saturday I cannot say for sure if the headache yesterday was hormonal or sleep deprivation-which is frustrating.  I'd love to be able to know for sure one way or the other.  I will say though even if the headache was hormonal, my other PMS symptoms are practically non existent.  I was cranky yesterday but again, I didn't sleep Saturday!  But I don't feel bloated or tender and I don't feel emotionally wrecked.  Gonna hold on to that as a NSV!


Pre M1: warm lemon and ACV water

M1: shredded pork with three eggs and 1/4 avocado, black coffee x two (I am now DONE with coffee for the day!!)

Post WO: salmon and 1/2 apple

M2: best lunch ever!  I picked up a lovely grass fed sirloin-I'm sure as a reward for surviving yesterday and remaining compliant!  Pan fried the steak, deglazed the pan with some coconut aminos and then tossed in some asparagus and baby bok choy.  Served all that with boiled and smashed yam with cinnamon and coconut milk.  Lunch was big.  But I'm not sure when or what dinner will be so it felt safer to go big for this meal.

M3: beef patties with salad, raw carrots and bell peppers and kraut...YUM!


Work out: Legs and shoulders.  Skipped the cardio portion because of my very packed schedule.



Today is going to be hectic.  I need to go to the gym, go to the grocery store, get reminder letters mailed for my business, pick up my son from school for his dentist appt., then go to his first track team meeting, drop him off and then catch the last half of the school auction meeting!  YIKES I'm not looking forward to the craziness but I'm really grateful that I slept last night.  If I hadn't you'd be able to find me crying in the corner!

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Day 17....what?! This month is flying by!  I've started to ponder my reinto schedule, i do want to be more deliberate about it this time and I'm really aiming to continue with the meal templates as much as possible, I just feel better eating this way.  I think I will start with dairy, because to be honest it is more difficult to get my post WO protein boost in with real food.  It is by no means impossible, but I have good quality, grass fed, whey protein powder and if it does not bother my system then I plan to use it from time to time....and butter, good gravy I miss butter!  After that will come non gluten grains, my son and husband are going through sushi withdrawal so it'd be nice to know if rice is on the table...or off.  I do think I will take my time with the reintro.  I'm not really **missing** any one thing more than others.  It's getting easier to be around people eating or drinking things that are off the table for me.  I felt very successful last night, after my mad rush around town and to the track team meeting I dropped my son off at home and hurried to catch the end of the auction meeting.  There were many open bottles of wine and a couple of well meaning offers to fill a glass for me but I stuck with my kombucha.  I wasn't even really tempted by the little cupcakes, snap pea crisps, chips, etc.  Fortunately I was still quite full from dinner!


Pre M1: warm lemon water with ACV

M1: three eggs, scrambled with 1/2 avocado and salsa

Post WO: 1/2 apple and the other half of yesterday's amazing steak

M2: huge salad with raw, roasted and steamed veggies, a few strawberries and salmon with homemade mayo

M3: baked fish with kale and butternut squash simmered in coconut milk and green beans....really a rather uninspired meal, but it got the job done!


work out: personal trainer, focus on upper body.  It was a really good work out despite still feeling a little lingering effects from Saturday's terrible night of sleep.

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Day 18: headache still lingering.  Sadly I suspect the culprit is in fact the coffee.   :(  I really love coffee.  I love the smell.  I love the warmth.  I love the taste.  But my brain seems to not love it as much as my mouth...silly brain, get with the program!  I'm trying to convince myself to give it up next month, especially around my cycle which is the only time the headaches happen, but my inner 2 year old is resisting.  Did I mention I really love coffee!?  Oh man, looked at the calendar, I'll have to quit by the 6th to be able to test the theory.  It'll probably be better for me anyway but I...don't...wanna!  See?  Inner 2 year old! 


Pre M1: warm lemon water

M1: pork sausage scramble with three eggs, kraut, black coffee...x....2  :blink:

M2: left overs from dinner plus sliced cuc and 1/2 avocado

M3: **plan** roast beef that's in the crock pot and baked sweet potato with steamed broccoli


I have a PSO board meeting tonight, one of our members offered to cook dinner, I've already emailed her to tell her I'm on an elimination diet and will eat at home.  I don't want to show up and say no, this way she knows I will not be partaking of the pork-which probably has a gluten containing element-and the cheesy hash browns, which I must admit sound pretty good right now....mmmm cheese....but no

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I really love coffee.  I love the smell.  I love the warmth.  I love the taste. 

I am the same. I actually drink half caff most of the time and decaf in the afternoon because I can't handle the caffeine. I'm trying to switch to green tea, but I still find myself craving the taste of coffee in the afternoons!

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