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Whole 30-March 1 / lgibson


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Sunday, March 1. Day 1

See final post of my Day 31-60, which had to be abruptly stopped after only 2 days. There is no sense in beating myself up over circumstances beyond my control. I've also decided not to weigh myself before beginning this Whole 30; I know that it will just make me mad at myself about the last 3 weeks. The horrible way I feel physically is enough motivation and I know I'll feel amazing in just a couple of days.

Meal 1: sauerkraut, chicken soup (green beans, carrots, cabbage, bone broth), coconut oil

Meal 2: magic chili, avacado, radishes

Meal 3: chicken and cabbage soup, black olives, cuties

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Monday, March 2, Day 2


M1: Breakfast meatballs, sauerkraut, avacado

M2: Magic Chili, zucchini, olives

M3: Chicken soup with added cauli rice, coconut oil



Tuesday, March 3, Day 3


M1: chicken soup, sauerkraut, coconut oil

M2: Magic Chili, kale, olives

M3: cabbage/hamburger skillet meal: carrots, onions, mushrooms

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