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Whole30 1.3.2015 - 31.3.2015 - A European perspective


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I've noticed most people on the forum are living in the US, so here is a European perspective on the Whole30. I live in Brussels, Belgium, which is intact the capital city of Europe. 


I've been eating Paleo since August 2014 so nearly 7 months now, but so far I haven't managed to complete on Whole30, I hope this gives me a bit more motivation and support to keep going so here goes:


Day 1 (March 1)

Meal 1: banana, smoked mackerel, raw carrots

Meal 2: tossed salad (lettuce, red onion, tomato, avocado, olive oil and vinaigre) with 3 homemade paleo shrimp croquettes + 1/2 apple

Meal 3: smoked mackerel, raw carrot

Meal 4: red cabbage with apples and a grilled sausage + prune + 1/8 orange


I felt hungry in the afternoon so I snacked on smoked mackerel and raw carrots, for me it's just an additional meal, ideal is 3 meals a day, but I don't want to be hungry

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Day 2 (March 2)

Meal 1: Leftover red cabbage with apple + 4 homemade shrimp croquettes

Meal 2: Poached salmon with steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas) + tossed salad topped with olive oil and balsamic vinaigre + 1 piece of fruit (pear)

Meal 3: pork sausage + raw  Nâkd. Cocoa Delight bar

Meal 4: Thai beef salad + sunny side up fried egge +   banana and kiwi topped with coconut flakes

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It was Neuch where I used to live :-) I loved it there, only moved up to the German part as that is where work took me. I do really like ZH too. I'm not Swiss, I come from the UK, Switzerland is my adopted homeland. I've been here a long time and have no plans to leave.

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Day 3 (March 3)

Meal 1: left over thai salad with 4 streaks crispy bacon + pomelo

Meal 2: salad greens (young spinach and carrots) with smoked salmon and a poached egg, dressing of vinaigre and olive oil

Meal 3: banana blossom in coconut cream

Meal 4: chicken leg with mushrooms, leak, garlic and oyster mushrooms

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Cooool, more fellow Europeans! Where are you from Peebles?


Anyways day 4 I hardly remember anymore so I continue logging from day 5 on


Day 5 (March 5)

Meal 1: stirfried veggies + egg

Meal 2: minestrone soup, salad, pork brochette and mixed veggies, apple

Meal 3: roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and a salad + half avocado 


Day 6 (March 6)

Meal 1: canned tuna with mayo, 1/2 avocado and left over salad

Meal 2: broccoli and cauliflower stirfried in ghee with 2 eggs and coconut milk

Meal 3: sweet potato, grilled cod and sautéed leaks + 1 orange


Day 7 (March 7)

Meal 1: banana + ganda ham

Meal 2: salad + sautéed zucchini/apple/onion (coconut oil) + cooked egg + 2 slices ganda ham

Meal 3: to be continued


I'm in the flow again, starting to eat more and especially drinking more water! I always seems to confuse thirst and hunger, so yesterday evening I had a few cups of nice hot tea while my bf was munching infront of the television. 


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Hello all fellow Europeans!  :)


I am from the UK but recently moved to Germany. I was eating basically paleo/whole 30 before, but decided to do the Whole 30 after I had gorged myself on German bread at easter and felt awful for it! I'm currently on day 16. 


I don't know if anyone else has had the same experience as me but the Whole 30 in Germany is so much harder than in the UK! For a start the price of sweet potatoes and our limited budget means I can only afford to eat them once or maybe twice a week maximum. Usually my boyfriend and I share one and have it roasted or mashed. I'm fairly sure that in the UK you can get a bag that could last a week for about £1 :(

Finally managed to find some 100% coconut milk without any emulsifiers but I doubt I'll see any coconut aminos for 15 years (although, I hadn't seen these in the UK either to be fair) I think Americans definitely have an easier ride when it comes to Whole 30 approved alternatives! Luckily because my boyfriend is German he helps me read the ingredients of literally everything at the supermarket, usually we end up putting everything back and just getting fresh fruit/veg and meat.


The Germans don't really 'get' not eating pasta/bread/wheat. You order a salad at a restaurant and it comes with a bread roll - easy enough to leave. However, before I started my whole 30 I unwittingly ordered a salad that had pasta in (my German is quite bad and they didn't call them nüdeln but something different). For this reason, and due to a limited budget, we are avoiding going out at all. We might have a coffee and mineral water at a cafe but that's about it. It's a bit depressing looking at a menu and knowing that there isn't anything you can have. I also don't want to be "that person" who not only can't speak the language but has a thousand requests about leaving things off the order!


We're visiting my boyfriends family in a couple of weekends time and I'm really worried about what I'll eat. I'm lucky that my boyfriend is very supportive and his family speak pretty good English so I can try and explain to them, but how do I turn down foods or ask exactly what is in foods without seeming rude? Also this will be at the very end of my whole 30, I don't want to ruin it and have to start all over again because I unwittingly ate something that was thickened with flour.


How has everyone else found these things? Does anyone have any particular coping strategies?

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