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where are the sugar cravings?


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  Ok so I am just wondering what is going on- is it coming soon?  I am on day three and so far I haven't really felt any crazy cravings with the exception of the first day I really wanted to have an apple at the end of the day- I tend to slice if thinly, dot with coconut butter and bake- delicious habit that I have.  I have realized that two medications I take are known to make people crave sugar and the third just plain makes you want to eat.  I haven't really been craving the sugar from the first two meds (I used to eat chocolate) and the third- well instead of having the apple at the end of the day when I take the food craving med I had two eggs and some avocado last night (figured at least I wasn't playing into the sugar craving and protein was better before bed). I still had the apple- I just had it earlier in the day so it wasn't my "habit" apple. I will try to eat less today when I take it- but seriously it makes me so hungry I am dizzy, its weird. 

  So far my fruit intake has been- an apple the first day, an apple and a small handfull (maybe a quarter cup) of blueberries the second day, and today I had a little bit of dried mango- I wasn't craving any of them- I actually realized at the end of the day that I hadn't had any fruit and probably should since it is healthy.  I do really like to have an apple everyday but I don't really think I need to break that habit- I mean it's an apple.

  All that said- I feel like I am going to throw up.  This happens sometimes to me (I have a chronic condition hence all the meds) but I had four eggs (I can hold five) plus a little bit of avocado and a pile of spaghetti squash for breakfast- sort of sauted or poached in coconut oil, and a mason jar of bone broth.   I feel too full for lunch so far so that's why I had a couple pieces of mango (it was all I could face)- to be up front I didn't roll out of bed till past noon so breakfast was late.  ok- any input?  Am I going to start having cravings soon? Before I started this I ate fairly well (no soda or fast food etc but I defintely had crackers and dairy and all that) before, but I definitely had chocolate cravings and liked to do some emotional eating whenever my kids had troubles.

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It's OK if you're not having sugar cravings. It doesn't mean you're doing something wrong, it's just how you're responding to the first days of Whole30. You may or may not feel sugar cravings during your Whole30. It's a common response, but not required or absolute.


If you get full part way through your Meal 1 right now, you can put it away and take it out again in a few hours when you feel hungry again. Some folks need to do this for a while until their bodies get used to a Whole30-style full meal early in their day.


Depending on your health situation, you might consider working on your circadian rhythm so that you get to sleep earlier and awaken earlier. I say this with the caveat that your personal situation may not allow much wiggle room. My 83-year old father, for instance, can't really count on getting the best night's sleep many nights, so he builds in short nap times throughout the day. I figure, by 83, he's more than earned them. :wub:  If your situation, for health reasons if not longevity reasons, requires longer sleep times or more sleep times, go with it. But sleeping healthfully can be a great boost to any chronic condition, if it's possible.


I wish you more days of success on Whole30, and increased stability with your health as well. May it go very well for you! :wub:

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