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First Whole30 Day! Some Questions...


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I am just wrapping up my first day on this plan, and what I missed most was CHEESE. My boyfriend had a great idea--put an over-easy egg on top of salmon to make it creamier (simulating the cheese creaminess). Delicious!

I felt very snacky today...any suggestions on getting through cravings?

Also--why is coffee allowed? Doesn't coffee muck up the system? I just want to make the most of my plan, and if I should eliminate coffee...well, I don't want to, but I will!

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The best way to not feel snacky is to eat plenty at your meals. It may take a week of playing with amounts, but when you get to where you're not hungry for 4-5 hours after a meal, it's easier to avoid snacking.


Coffee has been discussed a lot on the forum. I think the main reason they don't make giving it up a rule is that no one would ever actually do a Whole30 if they were told to give up coffee too.  :lol:   This thread has a lot of discussion, and be sure to read the Coffee Manifesto that's linked in one of the first posts there -- and if you want to read more, google Whole30 coffee.


I ended up giving up coffee during my first Whole30 because I couldn't stand it with just coconut milk or coconut oil. I've since added it back in, but definitely drink a lot less of it now than I did back when I'd put milk or half & half and sugar or those flavored creamers in it. You're always free to leave things out of a Whole30 if you feel that they're not healthy for you.

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