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Pleasure vs. Satisfaction

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So I've started applying a principle that I use in other areas of my life to my health. Pleasure vs. satisfaction. It's a distinction I always made with my children and tried to live in my own life. We've all heard "all work and no play" or "you should keep a balance between work and fun". And while I don't disagree with this in theory, I prefer to put things in the buckets of pleasure and satisfaction.

Pleasure: an agreeable or enjoyable sensation or emotion

Satisfaction: The fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or appetite.

I must choose satisfaction over pleasure more often in my life in order to achieve success. Satisfaction in work, relationships, Life choices, etc does take effort, but it makes me stronger, smarter, more content, and by far a more profitable human, not only to myself but to those around me. On the flip side, if I choose pleasure more often than satisfaction, I will become fat, lazy, and stupid ( I know these aren't nice words) and I don't want to make the latter choice.

It's finally clicking for me that this wellness journey is the same thing.

I don't go to work every day because it's the most pleasurable thing ever. It's not. It's hard. But I need to pay the bills and care for my family and so the satisfaction comes from achieving that. Don't get me wrong, I like ,y job, but who would continue to go to work if they didn't require a paycheck? I wouldn't.

I am drawing these same conclusions with food. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the food that I put in my mouth, but if it's functional, fuel for my being just as much as work is fuel for facilitating my life, then more of what I choose should be for satisfaction. Satisfying my body's real needs over the pleasure of a bowl of fruit or a glass of wine.

So this shift in my thinking should yield some positive results, namely that I will think about food in terms of exactly what it does for my body rather than filling a pleasurable, emotional desire.at least most of the time.

Ok, these are my revelations for the day, and I thought I'd share them all with you in case it might strike a chord with someone here. And forgive me if it all sounds a little abstract, I just sort of type the way I think. And it's a little scary up there in m y head, many things to trip over :)

Nighty night!

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Oh good, we must both be brilliant then, Laura!

The mental buckets have helped me greatly in the past in lots of other areas. I'm surprised that it took me this long to apply it to health, but I attribute that to spending all those years concentrating on the calories and counting of all sorts of things. Paleo and Whole 30 certainly lend more thought to real change and focus.

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