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Day 1... here we go.


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24 year old male here...  Lookin' to get started with this elimination diet not for weight loss, but for health reasons.


-eczema on my face started around 4 years ago and has progressively gotten worse

-sleep problems which lead to anxiety and depression

-premature greying hair (lots)...  not sure if that is genetic or stress related (maybe due to sleep and diet)?

-overall energy needs a big boost...  high energy makes me feel happy.


Today I am going to do a water fast...  just to clean out my system and get some cells repaired...   ;)


I have tried going strict paleo, but have not been able to go a full 30 days...  never have gone long enough to see real results.  I need to work on my patience... 


Wish I had a buddy to experience this with...  that is the main reason I am joining this forum.  It's not easy going through it alone!


Anybody want to keep in touch through this challenge hit me up!



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