What am I doing wrong?


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Hi, I am not on whole30 now, but I am trying to do my best. My biggest "cheats" in a day are for example potatoes. But after a BIG breakfast (3 eggs with olive oil and lots of vegetable plus fruits and coffee) I am quicky hungry again. Like, after 4 hours I am done with energy and I need to eat asap. When I do (ok, my snacks are not so big-just some salad or so), i am hungry again after 2-3 hours. So, what am I doing wrong? 

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4 hours is fine, we expect a full meal to take you 4-5 hours, so you're really fine there.


White potatoes are now allowed on Whole30, so that's not a cheat.


Eat another meal after 4 hours. Your body is ready for it by then. Also, salad won't fill you up unless you eat a mountain of it.


If you'd like some more specific tips, post a couple of days' worth of meals here and we can help you out.

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