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non-alcoholic beer and coconut milk frozen non-dairy dessert (no sugar added)


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The short answer is: No


The long answer is: 


Non-alcoholic beer is still made with grains.  And all grains (including the ones you drink) are out. 


Coconut milk non-dairy dessert - no sugar added - I have never seen such an animal.  The ingredients will normally carry some sort of sweetener such as cane syrup, or agave syrup.  Even if you made this at home - it's still out?  Why? you might ask? because the whole 30 is more than just a list of yes and no foods.  Its not only about healing your body from food, but healing your relationship with food.  Coconut Milk non-dairy dessert is an ice cream replacement. Put it back in the freezer in which it was found and come back to it in 30 days time.  It will still be there.

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