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Whole30, Hayley Style.


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For the record, Hayley style isn't actually any kind of deviation from the regular Whole30... I just couldn't think of any kind of clever name for my log. I am aware that this one still isn't clever, ha ha.

OKAY! Well here's some information about me:

  • My name is Hayley
  • I live in Brisbane, Australia. There's not as many spiders and snakes as American people think!
  • My favourite colour is red
  • I'm 24 (still feels weird saying that, my birthday was only earlier this month)
  • I've been overweight since 3rd grade
  • 2 years ago I lost almost 30kg (28.4 to be exact) in around 3.5 months
  • I put 20kg of it back on before realising that my life needed to change
  • I've decided to take a more sustainable approach to my health and weightloss, prioritising the health and hoping the weightloss will follow a close second
  • I've started my Whole30 before and fallen off the wagon after 9 days (I used the excuse of it being my birthday but honestly, I was just a bit of a dummy). I've since decided that I feel much better when I DON'T have an awful, bloated stomach and insanely unreliable energy levels, and now I'm ready to give this another red hot go. Not Saturday, September 1. Not Monday of next week, but tomorrow. I only say tomorrow because today is a write off - I've had an artificially sweetened beverage!
  • I am a spelling and grammar nutbar, so if there's a spelling mistake on here it's probably a typo.
  • I work in a job that requires absolutely no physical activity
  • I have recently joined a gym and I actually enjoy it
  • I've signed up to start a 12 week challenge on Saturday that will require having meaurements taken each week - I've asked my PT to not tell me the results of these measurements until my Whole30 is completed. I hope that's not going to affect me at all.

Aaaaaanyway, that was an extremely long-winded introduction. Tonight's agenda is making some mayonnaise and making tomorrow's breakfast and lunch. I never have time in the mornings because I'm attempting to commit myself to 6 days of gym each week, and the mornings are the best times for me.

I've been floating around on this website for a little bit, not posting much and just reading everyone else's logs to see how they're going. Seems to help with my own motivation and to serve as a reminder of why I'm doing this.

So I'm off to go and check out some more stuff on the forum (just got the internet at home today and I'm pretty excited to have constant access to the Whole30 forum. Is it lame that I'm so happy about that? Oh well!). I'll post some more after my first day of compliance. Woo hoo! Wish me luck, everyone. Not that I'm going to need it!


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Welcome Hayley! You have several factors going for you.... youth, optimism, desire and a winning spirit! Good for you, sounds like you've set yourself up for success! Can't wait to see it all come together over the next 30 days! My only word of advice is, in ISWF, when they say it gets worse before it gets better, take heed and ride it out. There really is a pot of health at the end of the rainbow, even if it is a bit stormy as you round the top!

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Hayley... Great attitude and gusto! I admire that. Enjoy today and good luck I know you will be an interesting log to keep our eyes on. Using your own words, don't be a "dummy" again. We can do this and you will own this!

Oh... and your posts are not long... I know you have read mine.



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Congrats on starting the journey Hayley!

I'm on Day.... 19... I had to think about it, I find I'm only counting the days because... Well, I don't know why lol so once you can get past the initial shock to your system, there are some bumps in the road, but overall, the benefits so far outweigh the bumps that I hardly miss my old unhealthy habits. Hopefully you will have the same exciting results. More energy, better sleep, clearer mind, more fit physique.

I think it's great that you are learning more about your health and wellness at a young age, I'm 42 and just getting my arms around it :)

Welcome and embrace the journey!


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Welcome!! I recently turned 24 (end of July) and am a spelling and grammar Nazi as well!! :) I like that you had to start the very next day (rather than a few days or a week from now). I'm the same - when I decide to do something, there's no stopping me! I'm on Day 5 and generally feeling pretty good, definitely seeing positive changes! We can do this!! :):)

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Welcome Hayley and good luck!

I agree with Lola! Keep your winning spirit and you will ace this thing. Also pick up ISWF. You will not regret reading that one!

Thanks Renee and everyone else for all the encouragement! I have the ISWF book, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think one of the reasons that I didn't succeed before this is because I didn't understand the impact the different foods were having on my body - I love how ISWF delves into the science-y stuff (as they call it).

Well yesterday was day one and it went positively swimmingly. I re-read ISWF throughout the day to motivate myself, and it seems to have worked. I'm officially signed up for the 12 week challenge at my gym and my PT knows to not tell me any of my measurements and he's fine with it working that way. Yesterday I also did up a meal planner for the whole of next week and did all my grocery shopping, as well as making the most delicious dinner (with leftovers today for lunch) and a paleOMG inspired dessert (modified to make it W30 compliant, of course). It was a big day and I only just managed to squeeze in my 8 hours. Which is actually an achievement, because I've been SUPER slack with that lately.

I know you're all probably dying to know how my mayo turned out. I was pretty nervous, given that I don't have one of those snazzy food processors or blenders that allows you to pour in as you're processing. But it turned out PERFECT. If only I can manage to prevent my housemates from eating it all, I'll be fine!

Yesterday's food went a little something like this:

-Breakfast: Eggs with breakfast vegetables (I know it's technically 'meal one' and I don't need to eat breafasty stuff, but I can NEVER foresee myself growing weary of those delicious little yolky wonders)

-Lunch: Venison and beetroot sausages with steamed veges (entirely W30 compliant thanks to a local organic butcher I found at the markets)

-Dinner: paleOMG inspired meatloaf (again modified) with home made coleslaw and a tiny bit of avocado mixed with banana and raspberries for dessert (comes out like a pudding consistency. Yum!).

My exercise for the day was 20km on the exercise bike, which took about 45 minutes. That's the usual for me if there's no group fitness classes. I'm also considering starting a bootcamp. I really like the idea of someone yelling at me while I'm crawling through mud. Ha ha, not really, but I'd like someone to help motivate me in the tough love kinda style.

Right now I'm sitting at work sipping on a black coffee with coconut cream (this is my first day of not drinking my coffee just plain black. The coconut cream is weird, in a pleasant way) and wishing I didn't have to get back on the phone to talk to customers. Sigh. I have to keep thinking 'you have a phone bill to pay and think of all the new clothes you'll have to buy when you're fit and healthy!' but somehow, the lack of instant gratification doesn't making working in a call centre any easier.

Better get back to it!


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