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Lucy and the Whole30


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Currently on day 3 as started March 2nd 2015.


Day 1

Brekkie - 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil and chopped fresh tomato

Lunch - 2 x small chick thighs hot with half an Avacado

Dinner - chick breast pan fried in coconut oil with stir fried kale, sprouts and garlic

Hungry and cranky by end of the day, my partner is giving up smoking so was a miracle we didn't stab each other!

Day 2

Brekkie - kids were full on so only managed just one small chick thigh

Lunch - pork and apple burgers with cucumber

Dinner - chick and bacon salad with Avacado

Still hungry and REALLY wanted sugar after lunch but stuck in there and had a black coffee instead (my first one). Jumped around with the kids, feeling good. Took some Before pics, looking forward to comparing them with the After ones!

Day 3

Brekkie - 3 eggs fried in bell pepper slices - was yummy

Lunch - minced beef lettuce wraps

Dinner - salmon with sprouts and kale chips

Feeling good today, more productive, stable mood, waiting for the crash.....hope it doesn't come!!

A big glass of wine is on my mind but it's going to have to wait another 27 days!

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Hi Mumraa, if you're hungry, don't be afraid to eat more! I found myself eating really big meals in weeks 1 and 2, think it helps tell your body you're going to nourish it with plenty of good foods.


If you can't stand to make your meals bigger there's the option of adding a mini-meal as per the meal template. Either way, you shouldn't go hungry.


Sounds like you're doing great so far and good luck with it!

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What Ytu said!! I'd be sooooo hungry on what you've listed. And you're a bit light on veggies too, and you need to include at least portion of starchy veg per day. No wonder you're hungry and grumpy!! Eat up!!

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Thanks for your responses everyone. I had ment to eat more on day 2 but the kids were first priority. Much better today and eating big meat and veg portions! Yum yum

Hey Mamatutu, I'm over in Swansea on sat so will give you a wave x x x x

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Before I post about Day 4 I thought I would give an overview of me as I was in such a hurry to empty my brain of my 3 days meals yesterday I forgot!

I'm a 34 yo mum, I'm currently on mat leave but return to work at the end of March! I have 2 little boys, DS1 is 20 months and I will refer to him as blonde bear, DS2 is 7 months and I will refer to him as little bear! Have been reading the book slowly on my kindle and thinking I 'should' do a whole 30 but haven't quite got there. Been interested in Paleo for a few years but never stayed on track for more than a week so really need to bite the bullet and do this properly. I have always since about the age of 4 been very overweight, have lost several stone and put them back on a few times in my 20s and gained a few more with my pregnancies so want this for health and weightloss. The real push came in February, I had a bout of Gastro which left me with constant severe indigestion pain (something I have never suffered with) due to stomach inflammation. Having seen many people cured of Gerd etc eating this way I decided I had to do it. I really want to make this a new way of life!

Day 4

Brekkie - 3 fried eggs with sautéed spinach and mushrooms cooked in Ghee (I made Ghee!!)

Lunch - taco salad with home made mayo (I made Mayo! First time ever)

Dinner - Roast chicken with tons of veggies

Not hungry today but craving ALOT! I'm grumpy, angry, aching and have spent all day fighting with my bad self who wants to cheat and is having a tantrum and just wants treats! Need to find a way to cope with this and understand why I want treats to brighten up my day but that's going to take more introspection! To add to it Little bear has whinged all day and the poor dog has a cut on her hind leg that is worrying me. Harrumph

On the plus side I made Ghee and Mayo so feeling a little proud!

Think I may be eating too much fat but will address this once I'm through the rough bit!!

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