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Trader Joe's Mint Melange Tea and Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant


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I am going to start Whole30 when I get back from vacation.  I am reading the book and getting my pantry ready before I leave for when I get home.  I was wondering if Trader Joe's Mint Melange Tea is compliant.  I assume it is as the ingredients are Organic Peppermint, Organic Lemon Grass, Organic Spearmint.  I don't drink coffee, but I LOVE this tea.  I also enjoy Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant.  Wondering if the Grapeseed Extract and Eblic Fruit (Amla) Extract are compliant? The ingredients are:  Organic Lemongrass, Organic Green Tea Leaf, Organic Licorice Root, Jasmine Green Tea Leaf, Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Grapeseed Extract, Emblic Fruit (Amla) Extract, Organic English Moss. Thanks for any help. :)

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