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Fueling back-to-backs


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Hi guys,

Came upon a specific-style stumble today and wasn't sure how to handle it re: fueling.

Woke at 6, bfast at 7 (3 eggs, bell peppers, toms, coffee w coconut cream)

WOD @ 9 (heavy 3x20 lunges, 5rds lactate threshold work)

Eat: 2 grilled chicken sticks on the way home

Immediately after: 4m 40lb ruck

So. Do I eat another post-wo snack, and lunch later? Or just go to lunch. I'm not dying, just feeling a little empty and wasn't sure how to properly fuel that.

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I would eat more lean protein and maybe some sweet potato, then take a shower and go to lunch immediately. :)


There is no absolute answer to this. I did two-a-days for a while. Some days I ate a can of tuna after each segment. Some days I didn't want the second can and just went on to lunch. 

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