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ISWF salmon cakes really good Post-WO?


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I keep reading that the salmon cakes from ISWF (also Well Fed) are good post-workout mini meals. But they have almond flour, which is fatty, and the post-workout meal is not supposed to have a lot of fat. Any insight from the athletes here?

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I think this is one of those "big picture" things ... yes, to precisely follow the official postWO rec of protein+carb-fat there are probably more ideal items than the ISWF salmon cakes, BUT:

-they are easy to batch prepare

-they do have more carbs than just a can of tuna or egg or Larabar

-they're portable and easy to bring to the gym, eat right out of the container or even in your car

-they're delicious

The salmon cakes are an "easy win" in terms of making positive habit changes.

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