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Whole30 with IBD


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I was diagnosed with Crohn's almost 2 years ago, and I think I"m finally in a place to work on food. I have the high hopes that this is what I need to get things back on track and maybe find some relief from my symptoms. I'm currently in remission, which only means there is no active disease. I still can't tolerate many, foods, and despite 2 immunosuppressing medications that are also used to treat arthritis, I fight with swollen, sore, stiff joints daily. As well as headaches, nausea, GI issues....something has to change.


I'll be following the diet as closely as possible, but I have quite a few restrictions. Very few fruits and veggies are tolerated, and in very small portions, no red meat in any form, no fish, most nuts are a no-go....so I'll work with what I do have and try to make this work. Tomorrow is day 1! It should be fun....


I'm also going to be including my kids in this as much as possible. All 3 have celiac disease, 1 has food allergies, 1 has GI issues that we've found no cause for and they've been fighting colds for over 7 weeks at this point. All this point to immune systems that are not working quite right. Hopefully we'll notice a difference in them also.

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I'm starting a day later than I'd planned, so today is the day!


Breakfast: Tuna and grapes

Lunch: Pork chops, carrot and apple

Snack: lemon garlic shrimp

Dinner: From scratch Chicken soup that has been cooking since 9am, Mmmmm

Cup of tea before bed.

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