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March 1, I started my … third? Whole30. I don't really know how many I've done, because there have been a lot of Whole7's (and Whole4's) thrown in there too. But I've done at least 2 for the 30 days, so we will call this my third. I love this program so much that my twin sister decided to try it, and she's having amazing results. She's on day 46 or so at this point. Down 17 pounds and going strong, but most importantly has changed her relationship with food. I couldn't be prouder!


I'm really enjoying compliant food much more this time around. Maybe I've realized the thrill of eating junk just isn't there anymore. The only downside to this Whole30 is that my body is covered in what I believe to be a detox rash, which I've never experienced before. I didn't get headaches this time, whereas I have in previous Whole30s, so maybe this is just my body's expression of carb-flu. It's not a contagious rash, and I have no new foods in my diet, so it's really the only thing that makes sense. I just hope it subsides soon.


As a preview of how I've been eating for this Whole30, below is my food log for today.


Morning- 3 scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, with sweet potato and shredded coconut, coconut milk with blueberries, coffee


Snack- 1 hardboiled egg


Afternoon- lettuce, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, chicken thigh, mustard, apple cider vinegar


Evening- zucchini and chicken with stir-fry veggies, cooked in coconut oil


The biggest change since starting this Whole30 is no snacking unless I really need it (like pre- or post-workout, or ravenous) and no eating after dinner. I have visually slimmed down in 4 days, which I know is evidence of elimination of water and reduction of bloat. Looking forward to completing this Whole30 and figuring out how to make this my primary way of eating after that. This detox rash has made me feel like returning to my previous diet is no longer an option. 

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