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Starting my Whole 30 March 5th...anyone in?


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I've did a Whole 30 last year and really identified problem foods. I've slipped and rationalized eating the things that caused me trouble. I'm ready to do this! I felt so much better, slept better, I even lost inches and weight. I signed up for the daily emails, they are really inspirational. I'm itching all over because of wheat! It's incredibly irritating! Wheat isn't worth how I feel! So, tomorrow's my day! Join me if you want!! June 

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Hi Jagbug56 - I started on March 4th, so I'm right around where you are. How is it going for you? Hopefully you've found some relief from not eating wheat! My bf is a celiac, so our household is G-free as a standard. Between that and eliminating so many other bad-for-you things, you should be feeling much better by now.

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