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Zana does Whole30 - Winter 2015


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I officially started the Whole30 diet on March 4, even though I just leaped into the diet plan the day before with now problems.  I went through my cupboards and refrigerator searching for contraband and tried to do away with as many of the food that was not compliant.  Just last week I had purchased various cheeses, not will now go to the freezer for a later (much later) date.


After reading a few of the grocery lists, I headed to my favorite store "Yes! Organic" in Petworth,  I was able to find nice meats and fish as well as a good selection of fruits, vegetables and they even had dates, fresh avocados and Sunkist oranges.  I was so happy to now have a use for the coconut flakes that I have seen so often!  


My first day of food were:

B0 -two poached eggs; monkey salad

L0 -salmon over arugala; spinach with mushrooms; orange

D0-roasted chicken with lemons: steamed cabbage; back sweet potato


That was fun and got me started i getting rid of all the bad legumes and flours


My first official day of the Whole30 challenge included:

B1 -two steamed eggs with spinach; monkey salad

L1.-salmon (leftover cold) served over salad of lettuce, tomato,carrot, roasted veggies and a side of broccoli

D1- chicken fajitas (leftover chicken) saluted bell pepper, onion, garlic, green chilies, chile, cumin.  All placed in butter lettuce leaves topped with guacamole (guacamole made with two g, with 2 tbls of lemon juice, salt; orange


I drank tons of water!  And more black coffee than expected.  I have a Nespresso espresso maker that makes a fine small cup of espresso that needs no more flavor from milk or sugar.  


Feeling good!  now need to get to sleep.

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