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Feeling wild-Life post 30's

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I feel like I needed to join a support group life after whole30! Not a support group exactly, but somewhere where people can actually understand what it is to have a normal life post whole 30. So here I am! Ready to rock and roll :)


A little background on my eating-I have done 4 or so whole30's with 3 of them coming from September 2014-now. My first whole30 was around 70 days or so, and I LOVEDDD the way that I felt. I struggle with how to balance a real life (social, etc) with still wanting to eat whole30. I know that it is not a whole365 for a reason, and that it is completely unreasonable to expect to eat like this 24/7/365. I wanted to do a whole100 from new years day but it ended after a visit to my parents house, where they cooked a 99% whole30 meal with 1% of sugar in bacon. Oh well! It was worth eating to spend quality time with my parents and not be annoying with my food choices.


I do find however, that when I chose to make a conscious food choice that isn't exactly making me more healthy...ala popcorn, or some snack, that I go allllllll out! And then I add cookies and sweets etc. I love the way that I feel on whole30 but how exactly am I supposed to add back little treats without going on a crazy binge?


Well, those are my thoughts today...


So far...


M1-Calves liver with kale, onions, eggplant, shallots, Tessemae dressing, and a fried egg. Also, 2 bananas cooked in coconut oil (they were going off and were DELICIOUS!!)

Workout-4.25 miles and a crossfit conditioning AMRAP

M2-1/2 of jicama, 1/2 of roasted eggplant, 3 hardboiled eggs

planned M3-3 portobello mushroom caps and the leftovers of the kale saute from breakfast.


nom nom!! :)


It is snowing like crazy here so I got a good dose of Vitamin D from shoveling as well :))

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I will keep you updated :)) I want to be able to be in control of my choices, indulge when I decide that it is worth it, have a super healthy body image, not worry about the numbers on the scale, enjoy working out because i LOVEEE it not because I want to be a specific number on the scale.


Whewwwwww that seems like a long list of goals!!


Maybe we will find out together!

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So today is going to be short and sweet

I am on a work trip with 5/6 hour bus trips either way..last night I ended up having some frozen fruit while the rest of the party had pints of ice cream...win win. Also, frozen mango and pinapple are absolutely delicious and very sweet!

Today in the hotel...

M1-5 eggs with vegetable scramble (jalapenos, spinach, tomatoe, onion, peppers) Kept me very full

workout-5.25 miles on the dreadmill..felt fine, just had to get it in quickly

M2-went to olive garden..didn't have a choice in what to eat, so I had salad (I know the dressing had to have had sugar and a little bit of cheese in it, very frustrating!!!) but I only had a small plate, and ate some apple chips back at the hotel.

M3-will end up having a garden salad from panera...I don't like being away from my kitchen for too long because people are CONVINCEDDD that the only healthy thing to eat is salad. I do eat more than just lettuce :))

Not the best day...just finished a whole7 after a bad binge day last week so I feel 10x better...I like the idea of committing to resetting and not restarting. Its never a restart just a step back if you slip up. Hopefully the salad dressing and all the fruit I am surviving on will not spark crazy sugar cravings.

The boyfriend is coming to visit for a month...he lives in England so I am super excited to see him!!!! Haven't seen him since Christmas time so just waiting 20 more hours!!!! I am sure we will have some cheat meals but I am excited to cook him healthy food as well :)

Bringing balance back to my life :)

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Welp yesterday wasn't the best day but it wasn't a total fail!


I grazed all day basically except for breakfast and dinner..was running around getting work done, then to the airport, then to a work thing, then home to do the grocery shopping and cook dinner. I ended up eating some plantain chips (I like making them at home..but when you go to the grocery store hungry!!...) cashews, dried fruit, raspberries etc all during the day. Snacking definitely feeds my sugar dragon, gotta get that guy under control!!


M1-shredded chicken with onions and peppers with eggplant and bacon

M2-banana chips, plaintain chips, raspberries, cashews..(I knew I shouldnt get banana chips-but I found them for the first time with only banana and coconut oil) so I treated myself...it led to an all day demise...

M3-kale, squash, onion and eggplant saute with mustard and hot sauce chicken thighs (my favorite)


I ended up eating some gluten free girl scout cookies and chocolate chips last night with some frozen fruit. I wanted something sweet because of the all day grazing and disruption to what I normally eat. Felt frustrated but didn't beat myself up because..hey! it's life, and I am not currently whole30. 99% of the things I eat are from the ground or grown in trees, or animals. If someone gives me girl scout cookies as a treat can't I eat them without going crazyyyy on a binge or beating myself up. Granted I ate like the whole bag, so kind of a binge, but a lot better than normal. I know I viewed it as a celebration that the boyfriend was here, so that was a step in the wrong direction.


Today has been good..made paleo pancakes (SWYPO) (egg and banana with cinnamon and vanilla, and a tiny touch of coconut flour) which I think are better than real pancakes...with two eggs, bacon, and jicama. I wanted some leafy veg, but next time. I cooked some banana and had Pom seeds on top. I think it will feed the sugar dragon again but having a nice Sunday breakfast with him was amazing.


Off on another road trip for work, with a chicken thigh and leftover scramble packed for lunch/dinner, jicama, carrots, and a couple of apples. We will see how it goes!

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Last night I ended up eating and apple and a steak salad with red onions, tomatoes, and some balsamic dressing. Definitely fed the sugar dragon, but I was good and avoided eating anything from the ice cream bar that we made with tons of candy and cookies. It didn't look appetizing to me and I knew it wasn't a special occasion or the best I could get. I did end up eating some sauteed veg at about 8pm.


I ran 4.25 miles yesterday in the hotel fitness center in intervals, felt nice after a day off. Definitely need to keep doing my crossfit workouts but on the road its hard!!



M1-apple and banana

Snack-green apple


workout-6.25 miles, dreadmill


M2-pregame meal in restaurant, so hopefully salad.


Literally living off of fruit and a bag of baby carrots today...just have to make it home tonight and i'll be back in my own kitchen, I didn't bring enough with me but I would rather eat fruit then kill myself with processed sugars, gluten, and dairy!


Will work on entries every night rather than mid-day.

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Just came back from dinner for work- 

Had a big salad without creations but some balsamic dressing-I just wish I brought my own Tessemae dressing because the sugar is definitely annoying. (headache ugh) but had some steamed veggies (carrots and broccoli) and a chicken breast. It is definitely weird to not have to been 100% stressed about what the chicken was cooked on etc. 


I guess thats life post whole30-riding my own bike and not falling off and being mad at myself. 



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Ended up snacking on some non gluten grain cereal bar type of thing on the bus ride home from work trip. Don't feel great, the boyfriend is sick and I think he might have contaminated me! Or maybe it's the non gluten grains and some sugar! Whoops, at least I didn't eat any of the pizza, candy or cookies :) life could be worse!! Planning a whole7 next week :)

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Today is going to be a rough day...woke up feeling horrible and started snacking after breakfast. 


M1-brussel sprouts with bacon, 3 eggs, kale, and prioscutto.


delicious but had some popcorn and the sugar dragon is alive and well!!


Gotta kill that beast...


I have a huge pork shoulder in my crockpot for whole30 inspired mexican tonight...woot woot! at least my main meals of the day will be whole30!


I am realizing although I love sugar, and probably always will..it turns me into the devil. I'm not a nice person with sugar and normally I'm pretty kind :(

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Okay so my only problem is the snacking in between meals: yesterday made delicious whole30 meals but snacked on foods that are non whole30 and I feel like CRAPP. Planning whole14 with boyfriend before the cruise we are going on together. He told me that I am getting too skinny and that made me realize that working out for 2 hours a day and 7 days a week while restricting a tonnnn of foods is not healthy. I want to be able to enjoy it but not be stressed out. Oh well. Still figuring it out.

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I'm really hoping that I can stick with the meal templates as much as possible post W30 this time.  It's so hard though, I do well with the rules of a W30, when I try to return to the "real" world I flounder.  If you're really needing to snack maybe you're not eating enough now, especially if you're working out as much as you are.

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I feel the same way, I do soooo well with the template and the rules but kind of flop when I let little things sneak back in. Is it possible to maintain whole30 as much as possible?


I don't think I am eating enough, I think you are definitely right. Instead of allowing snacks in excess I am really going to focus on having healthy meals three times a day.


I really lost control these last two days! Visiting family is always tough and I think I got glutened/dairied (some on purpose) I just feel like crap!! Starting a whole15 to reset feeling good tomorrow!


I am mad at myself for eating some of the crap that I did, but I am learning that the next choice is always available. I can't make up for mistakes but I can be nice to myself!! Thats a whole other idea-less stress because that's just as dangerous as bad food!

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Exactly, I just need to remember that advice sometimes :))


Back on track as of yesterday:


M1-Kale brussel sprouts with 3 eggs, onions, etc

M2-Hodgepodge of some nuts, salad with tuna, (EVOO, ACV, and hot sauce dressing) and 1/2 of a sweet potato

M3-Surf and Turf (Steak and Scallops) with spaghetti squash, mushrooms, and onions, with a side salad with Avocado


Workout-4 miles and 3x1000 on the rowing machine with some abs and stability ball exercizes


Dairy makes me soooo congested, the moment I eat it I know I will be sniffly and runny for at least two days. It is starting to go down now but it will be reserved for special occasions. ::)

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M1:Bad breakfast, two eggs with some greens and a banana

M2: Salad with sweet potato fries

M3:burgers with yuca and plantains with salad and kale sautee

W/O-5 miles and crossfit-:45 burpees with :15 second rest for 6 minutes, and 21-15-9 box jumps and kettle bell swings


YUCA is amazing :) I am slightly obsessed with it! and it is CHEAPPPP :)


Wednesday: Day off from work! Woot woot!

M1: Eggs with kale and ground beef with onions and shallots

M2: Tuna salad with pistachios, almonds, and EVOO, ACV, and hot sauce. with 1/2 large sweet potato

M3: Salmon with asparagus, salad, pan fried yucca, and hot sauce and mustard.

Snack-frozen banana with almond butter and raisins. nom nom

W/O-3.5 miles run-EMOM Bench press x3 reps, 75# for 10 minutes

2x1500 row=about 6:30 each set



Sleeping so much better without sugar and processed foods...its amazing.

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I have been having such an amazing time with my boyfriend that I have been forgetting to write in here


I am happy to say that I have been completely compliant for the last week!


I have snacked on dried papaya and some nuts when necessary but I no longer feel like food is the only thing on my mind!! Maybe with him gone I was filling that void with food/obsessing over food


Friday I made a huge pork shoulder and it has been the main staple of our diet for the last couple of days...I can't remember what I ate on friday besides dinner..



M1:pork with vegetables and eggs

M2:pork with salad

M3:Pork with plantains and vegetables (Can you see a theme here??)

No workout today...had to be working for a large proportion of day



M1:chicken and apple sausage with eggs and veggies

M2:Salad with pork and sweet potato

M3:Pork with roasted veg (carrots and onions and broccoli and green beans) with mashed/roasted baby potatoes (THESE WERE AMAZING) with duck fat and seasoning

Ran 5 miles with ab workout and long (2 mile or so walk on rail trail)



M1: scrambled eggs with 2 trader joes compliant sausages and sugar snap peas

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can I ask how you make Yuca ???  

Yes of course! 


I have made it three different ways...


1. roasted in the oven. I mixed up a bunch of melted coconut oil, salt, and pepper and mixed chopped yuca in the bowl. (It is annoying as anything to peel but peel it just like a jicama to get rid of the waxy outside). I covered it with tin foil tightly for 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the yuca, and then let it roast up and get crispy for 30-45 minutes (i don't know the actual # of minutes whoops!) I did add some more coconut oil and salt to get it nice a crispy because it absorbs a lot of the oil like a plantain or potato. 


2. I crisped it up in a deep saute pan with coconut oil and salt and pepper. I cut the cubes into smaller pieces and let it get crispy. I put the lid on and made sure it was cooked all the way through!


3. I used a mandolin to slice the yuca very very thin and placed it into a shallow pan with coconut oil to make yuca inspired chips. I tried putting them in the oven but they came out a lot crispier and less oily in the oven. These wouldn't be whole30 approved because of SWYPO likeness to potato chips but I don't have a problem with chips and making homemade ones were so much better than store bought!


The only thing about yuca is that it tends to be a little drier than a potato. I think it is delicious and just throw on some hot sauce and mustard and make it a nice side dish :)


I have read that you can boil/steam yuca to make a nice yuca mash! 


Tina, let me know if you cook it up and how it goes for you!

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M2: Salad with tuna, sugar snap peas, pistachios and macadamia nuts with EVOO, hot sauce, and olive oil dressing. Delicious. 


W/O: 5.2 miles on the treadmill 


6 assisted pull ups (I can't do chin to bar! working on it! my goal :))

12 hang cleans #65-gotta get my weight up but want to keep good reps

18 sit ups




M3-Chili-(boyfriend made this and it was delicious!! with grass fed beef as well :)) with kale brussel sprout etc slaw with onions and proscuitto. and yucca (he loves the carbs)

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M1- 2.5 eggs and pork shoulder crisped up. spinach and sugar snap peas


snack: larabar before workout/before lunch


M2-tuna and salad, pistachios, 1/2 apple, sugar snap peas, 1/3 of sweet potato. EVOO hot sauce and ACV dressing


M3-planned-zuchinni noodles, left over chili and plantains, with frozen mango


W/O-2.5 miles in 19:30


3 rounds of:

30 cal row

20 thrusters (15/20 pound DB)

10 burpee box jumps

2 minute rest


Felt really good in the workout in the run section. Food is fueling me right now and its not the only thing on my mind. My boyfriend loves the carbs and I am thinking that I am eating too many carbs? Could someone weigh in on this? I am not really sure if anyone is actually reading this but it would be nice to pretend :) I feel like I have way more control over my food choices and have been feeling good.


I am weighed in at 157-I am almost 5'10 and muscular. I wanted to get down to 138 (for some odd reason!!) and feel like I was starving myself. I need to stop thinking of weight as a be all end all point of happiness, but for now I feel good and am going on vacation on saturday! I need to enjoy myself and not think/obsess over food (its a cruise so I am sure I will eat some non compliant foods)!


Lastly-I brought home some white chocolate chips from work for the boyfriend as he is doing mostly whole30 besides some snacks etc just because, and I thought he would make his sweet potato almond meal bars with them, he decided he didn't want to use them as I wouldn't eat the bars if it had them in them (thoughtful!) but they have just been sitting my night table. I have been sooooo tempted to eat them but they aren't something that it worth it to me! Makes it feel good to make good choices :)

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