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-ites and -ates

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I've hunted around a little and can't find what I'm looking for.

Can someone please explain to me sulfates v. Sulfites, nitrates v nitrates, and phosphates, as well as what is compliant, off-limits, and not recommended? It all seems to run together for me.


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As far as compliant, off limits and our recommendations.


The Whole30 RULES (linked below) will tell you what is compliant and what is off limits.


Our recommendations are the things that, if followed, will give you the best possible outcome; optimal results.  They are things like eating within an hour of waking, not measuring calories or macros, following the template (also linked below) with every meal, not snacking unless absolutely needed and then never on fruits alone.  Things that we know are going to give you optimal results and get your hormones and blood sugars balanced as best as possible.


Does that help?

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