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2nd whole30 - harder???

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I completed my first Whole30 in January and knowing we were doing it again in March I went hog wild in February with my "comfort" foods. Now on day 3, I am finding this one much harder. I don't know if it because I am not distracted by reading the book or trying to figure what I can and can't eat as much... But I am having a lot more mental doubts this time. The sugar dragon whispering in my ear to say "one piece of chocolate isn't really going to hurt" or "who cares if it is really healthy or not". I have to admit I have been really surprised by this. Did anyone else find their 2nd or 3rd time harder?

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I completed my first Whole30 in January and knowing we were doing it again in March I went hog wild in February with my "comfort" foods.


Just wanted to comment on this piece of it.  I'm on Day 3 of my third Whole30.  First one was last summer, second one was January.


The first Whole30 was exciting, look at my health improvements, and look at the jeans I haven't worn in a couple years.


Knowing that I was going to start my second Whole30 in January, I went on crazy huge food binges during December.  It was awesome, and terrible.  I felt awful, both physically and emotionally, and I gained weight.


My second Whole30 was spent trying to correct the binge eating damage from the month before.  It was easier from a "I know what I am doing" standpoint.  But harder, because my binge eating the prior month had put me so far behind.  It took longer to get rid of my heartburn, it took longer to sleep better at night, everything seemed to take longer....  during the entire month I felt like I was playing catch up, just to get to where I was just a month or two before.  And while I felt empowered again, taking control of my eating, my health, my life...  I felt stupid to have taken such a backward step.  That was a hard 30 days, humbling.


And now I am in my third Whole30.  This time I was a little more grounded with my offroading during February, and when it started getting out of control - I jumped back on the Whole30 wagon.  I feel like I am finally moving forward.

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I did my first W30 last year...don't remember the exact dates, but it seems like I ended right around Thanksgiving.  My eating was pretty decent through December and January, but more sweets DID start creeping in.  I'd originally thought to start my 2nd W30 at the beginning of the year...kept postponing it.  I started in Feb and am now on day 17.


In some ways, it's been easier.  Easier to know what to fix, having some favorites already, etc.  Knowing that I probably wouldn't see changes in how my clothes fit until the last couple of weeks, the first few days of headaches...all that kind of stuff.


But it's been harder, too, because I know that I really should eat this way all the time.  So then, I think "not this, this or this...EVER?" and that almost derails me.  Then I think "Well, it's not really healthy to be SO strict, so what would this one little bit hurt?"...and that almost derails me.  LOL  Ultimately, I just tell myself that I AM doing this for 30 days and I'll make decisions about what I'll eat (or not) at the END of this W30.

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To this point I've made MANY failed efforts at my 2nd Whole30. Every time I start, I make some small exceptions, trying to make my own rules, and it just doesn't work.  

For me, small slips gradually lead me to spiraling out of control. The first round I followed all the steps, took it seriously, made time for food prep, etc. It seemed like such a big challenge that I needed to prepare and arrange the other things in my life to stay on track. The second "tries" had me thinking that I knew what to eat and what not to, how to cook my favorite recipes, so "I got this." I feel like an alcoholic who is trying to manage moderation, and I've been kidding myself. 

For at least 30 days, this needs to be my first priority.  Not that work or family or maintaining a household are totally let go, but my food prep, sleep and stress management need to come first. If I miss some events, or miss out on fully participating in others or am way less than perfect in some of my responsibilities,  oh well.

Sometimes I do an extreme reframing in my mind: if I needed to go to a 28 day treatment program, or recover from heart surgery, gastric bypass or chemo, what kind of effort, discomfort, expense and all-around life disruption would that involve? Luckily my Whole30 effort is way less intense, but I need to take it just as seriously so I don't end up there.  

Another thing that does work for me in trouble spots is deciding to make good choices right in this moment, that I don't want choose derailment right now, but I can choose that later if I want to.

Also, to stop comparing my 2nd round to the first, and the "before" me now to the "after" me then. 


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@Mhh123 good luck Michelle!  I'm currently doing my second round - on day 13.  I had the urge to give up over the weekend but I won't!  I'm made a promise and a commitment to myself, I have to see it through and get back on track! 

I also need to stop comparing myself to when I first finished my Whole30, I did so well, I saw physically changes as well.  Then birthday, Christmas, New Year, family visits, Chinese New Year happened...I ate terribly for 2 months and now I'm worse than pre first reset :(

Anyway, we got this!



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