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new here and a whole new favourite number - 30


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hi to all you wonderful achievers,

i am new here.

my name is kerry, i have been battling with my weight for over 20 years.

yes, like most of you, i have tried EVERYTHING, was even booked in for a lapband operation - that scared me too much.


i think i need to change my mind set, and that is why the whole30 sounds so fantastic.

i am changing my mind set from losing to weight to gaining health.


my goal is to live long enough to enjoy being a grandmother (my children are 13 and 15, so i have a long time to wait)


i always do these things by myself, my friends are either negative enablers or fake supporters - which is just as negative.

so i am hoping that joining a community with positive like minded spirits, i will have a better chance.


i will start with the whole30 x 1.  hopefully sneak it in before my leg operation.

then as soon as that is done, get straight back into a second round.


i am always open to suggestions of help, and hope to make some new understanding friends to help me on my way, and i will help support you too.


well, im off to clean my pantry for a clean start on tuesday 10th march.


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