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Starting on 3/10


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Hi my name is Joyce.  I'm 46 year old wife, mother and working professional.  I'm getting ready to start my 30 day program.  I'm almost through the book.  It goes will so many things that I have experienced the last 18 years. 


The best I ever felt in my life was when I was sugar free. I did it faithfully from January 1997 to January 1999. During routine blood work, my doctor discovered I was reactive hypoglycemic. I actually enjoyed the orange drink used for the glucose tolerance test at the time. The less sugar I had the less I craved sugar. I got pregnant with my daughter and enjoyed a few sweets after six weeks of morning sickness. I did not like the orange drink for the glucose tolerance test when I took for either pregnancy.  


After she was born I went dairy free based on a recommendation in a breast feeding book. Her colic went away three days after I went dairy free. I tried to go back to dairy as she got older but it made my sinuses a mess. After dairy, I was guaranteed a sinus or left ear infection within a few days, so I have remained dairy free for over 15 years.  

I went sugar free during my pregnancy with my son. I was extremely moody (hormonal) during the pregnancy due to stress at work. The moodiness mellowed so much after I went sugar free. Unfortunately, I could not resist the sugar and went back to having a treat a day after the pregnancy.

Once my son was showing developmental issues (autism) in 2004, we put him on the dairy and gluten free diet. I went gluten free as well.  It helped with my allergies and eczema.  I gave up eggs to help the eczema.  The best thing for my eczema was the probiotic that I discovered at my pharmacy. If I eat eggs now, I get terrible stomach cramps.  (I'm hoping I can re-introduce eggs after I get off the gluten free grains.)

Just before I hit 40, my father-in-law and father past within 4 1/2 months of each other.  With the stress I put on extra weight in the belly.  My husband went to a mostly vegetarian diet.  He lost 20 pounds and I gained another 10 pounds (it did not help that I really disliked the job I had at the time).  

I'm back working with the people I loved working with so it is time to give it a try again. 

I'm looking forward to trying this approach.  




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